Top Big Data Solutions To Help You Improve Company Performance

Big business means big data. Finding a solution for big data processing and storage may not be part of your to-do list as a CEO. However, finding an application that will provide big data analytics should without a doubt be of concern to you. Big Data can provide your company with statistics and figures that can improve all aspects of your business decisions. This post will provide you with the top Big Data analytics solutions to gain the perspective needed to improve company performance and increase sales.

1. IBM Business Analytics

IBM Business Analytics is without a doubt the most recognizable name in Big Data. While oftentimes the most well-known does not necessarily equate to the best, in the case of IBM it does. IBM has provided Big Data solutions for many years and has even recently made their services available to small business and nonprofit corporations as well. If you are looking for a name and service you can trust, IBM Business Analytics is probably the way to go.

2. EMC

EMC is another solution for Big Data Analytics. While EMC does not offer the brand recognition offered by IBM or HP, the technology and business services provided make up for it in a big way. Unique to EMC is the bonus educational feature. This service provides individuals like yourself with the necessary materials to further your understanding of Big Data and eventually become a master in the subject yourself. This is a huge advantage EMC has on the competition. If you are still in the dark on the subject of Big Data solutions and what exactly it can do for your business, EMC may be the best choice for you.

3. Cogito Dialogue

If you have particular interest in improving the phone support department of your business, Cogito Dialogue is the perfect big data solution. Unique to Cogito is the added feature of human voice analytics. This information can be especially useful in improving interactions between customer service representatives and clients. Co-founder Sandy Pentland literally wrote the book on so called “Honest Signals,” and Cogito provides you with the benefits of this wisdom and how it can help your company succeed.

4. Arcadia Analytics

Arcadia Analytics is the perfect solution for you if your company operates in healthcare or uses a virtual office. Arcadia is employed by over 40,000 providers in the United States. There is no way that 40,000 million people are wrong, so that statistic alone should pique your interest. In addition to providing services for so many, Arcadia is one of few applications that provides you with big data healthcare specific statistics and features. If you are the CEO of a healthcare company, Arcadia is without a doubt the one of the best options for you.

5. HP

Another well recognized name offering big data solutions, HP provides opportunities for analyses tailored specifically to your industry. The advantage of having insight directly relating to your company and its clients is not to be understated. HP’s analytics consultants can also help to ensure that you are making the right decisions for your business to increase restaurant sales or improve brand recognition for your tech startup. In addition to offering Big Data software and support, HP also offers hardware as well. This may be of consideration for you if your company is also looking for the hardware necessary to process and store Big Data.

6. Hortonworks

Hortonworks is a 100% open source Hadoop product offering big data solutions for business. The open sourced nature of the software makes it perfect for those of you working in non profit management. This big data solution utilizes a on-premises/hosted deployment model with manual setup. In addition, Hortonworks offers support and third party consulting to help ensure a smooth transition. Once you migrate data to the platform, you can benefit from fixed cluster scalability, making it easy to grow. If you want an open sourced big data solution, consider Hortonworks.

High Data Velocity

No matter which big data solutions you consider, you want to be sure that they afford your business high data velocity capabilities. One of the most important considerations for big data solutions is the rate of data input it can handle, particularly for data with many elements or events. Of course, some businesses will require much more data processing power than others. Regardless, it is imperative that all businesses take into consideration the rate of data input offered by top big data analytics solutions. This way, your business is never bogged down by a big data bottleneck.

All five of the above Big Data analytics solutions are top notch choices. The important part is recognizing the needs of your business and considering the benefits provided by each individual company. Now is the time to “buy-in” to Big Data solutions and start improving the way your business process and sales are conducted with Big Data business applications.

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