5 Tools To Improve Business Intelligence Reporting Capabilities

Business intelligence (BI) is a great way to understand and report business data. Advancements in BI tech have allowed companies of all sizes to more effectively report their data. Large companies like Netflix international use reporting for growth. Meanwhile, small startups use the reporting to get established in an industry. However, BI tools often seem complicated for employees. A good office manager is always trying to improve their reporting processes to simplify information for employees. These tools will drastically improve your business intelligence reporting capabilities.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Ad-Hoc Reporting allows your company to produce reports without IT specialization. Once set-up by a programmer, these reports can be created and updated very quickly by non-programmers. That allows your ordinary employees to handle generating simple reports, while your IT specialists can focus on other tasks. With easy to generate reports, you can use BI more and more to predict the outcome of new decisions.

Real-Time Data

You can make sure your reports stay accurate with automatic updates. Since new data is produced all the time, it’s important to have reports that reflect that. Reports can be programmed so that new data updates all the findings of the report. In business, situations can change at a moment’s notice. Your company will act most effectively when it gets information as fast as possible. Real-time data will make sure your company is ready to act when changes arise.

Pixel Perfect Reporting

Pixel perfect reporting assures your report looks good regardless of medium. Printed reports are still needed in some important situations. Pixel perfect reporting allows you to adjust everything on the report down to the pixel. This is very useful for financial consulting, tax and regulatory reports that must be perfect to be legal. This tool can also assure that printed reports for your company draw focus where you want them to. Pixel perfect reporting will ensure that in situations where you need printed reports, they’ll look as good as digital reports.

Interactive Visualizations

Visualizations always make reports more effective. These tools make sure the data is easy for a human to follow. However, visualizations have become even more effective through interactivity. Interactive tools give the report an exploratory quality. This allows visuals to convey even more information then a simple graph. It also allows viewers to investigate the consequences of business decisions. For example, visualizations for sales forecasting figures could help reps stay on target. Interactive visuals make use of the way humans naturally understand data to convey meaning faster.

Report Bursting

A great tool for report customization is report bursting. With this tool, a single report can be sent to multiple viewers with different levels of data permission. This means each viewer only sees the information they’re permitted to see. As a result, a single report can be customized for multiple viewers. This helps the viewers, by tailoring the data they must go through. It also saves time in generation, since only one report needs to be created. This is an ideal tool to increase understanding while decreasing production time.

BI has made accurate reporting an essential part of your company’s business strategy. These tools will help you make these reports as efficient as possible. Ad-hoc reporting allows employees without computer skills to produce BI reports. Real-time data makes your reports effective as situations change. Pixel perfect reporting allow you to make printed reports visually perfect. Interactive visualizations speed viewer comprehension. Report bursting helps make a tailor a single large report to the narrow needs of several viewers. These tools will guarantee your BI reporting capability is strong.

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