The Best Business Premises Cleaning And Maintenance Practices

The cleanliness of your business is absolutely crucial.  After all,  property owners and managers know that it is the key to making a great first impression. You can never it back, so you have to make your business’s aesthetic count the first time around. Keeping a clean and well-maintained business premise is the best way to do that. For the cleanliness concerned business owner, we’ve given you the top tips for a sparkling business.

Pay Extra Attention To High-Traffic Areas

The entrance lobby is where employees and visitors alike will enter and exit the premises. With all the foot traffic it receives, the lobby floors are prone to high volumes or dirt and debris. As a result, the lobby must be cleaned daily to maintain shine and prevent the carpet or floors from looking rundown.

Maintain Proper Doormat Hygiene

Doormats are your business’s first defense against the dirty outside world. If your doormats are old, they’ll fail to prevent dirt and dust from entering your business, which forces your cleaning staff to work harder. Worse, if it’s particularly rainy where you live, customers could track water in and create a potential slipping hazard. If they can effectively dry their feet when they enter the building, that risk is mitigated. Be sure to switch out worn doormats and only use the highest-quality ones possible.

Inspect Your Property For Gaps And Cracks

All buildings are prone to getting cracks and gaps in hard to see areas, allowing roaches, ants, and other vermin to get it. By having inspectors check out your property at least annually, you can plug up those holes and ensure no pest scares your customers. Moreover, a thorough cleanup from the top of your building to the interior of your property can help to maintain sanitation standards, especially if you run a food business.

Have A Designated Employee Dining Area

It’s easiest for your employees to eat their office lunch at their desks, but such in-office eating means food debris could get stuck in hard to clean places such as the keyboard or office phone. The cleaning staff might miss these areas, and the food debris could attract insects or mold. To make clean up easier, designate a space in your business where employees can eat and discourage them from eating at their desks.

Encourage Your Employees To Reduce Waste

If your employees consistently throw out half their meals, they’re not only hurting the environment but your business as well. Food waste in trash cans, even if collected that day, can still attract roaches and flies. The thrown out food can smell bad, and there’s also a chance that crumbs accumulate outside the can when the employee tosses their food, meaning potential pest issues. If you can’t curb your employees’ food waste, consider using a a compost pickup service in your business. Compost bins are designed to keep food smells in and unwanted intruders out, and the compost can be repurposed for local environmental purposes. Everyone wins.

Keep The Space Dust-Free

Aside from mopping, carpet cleaning and sanitizing the premises, dusting is also a vital part of maintenance. It keeps the space fresh from debris while looking professional. After all, it doesn’t take long for dirt to accumulate, creating a sign of neglect and unsanitary practices. Keep the space dust-free to improve indoor air quality. If dust is built up, allergens and bacteria may affect the health of your employees and visitors alike.

Good Maintenance Improves Businesses

Follow these tips, and you’ll not only see better satisfaction from customers but your employees as well. Maintaining a clean business premise creates a happier, healthy work environment.

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