How To Buy Government Auctions Items That Run Your Business

You might already know that the United States Government is one of the largest purchasing organizations in the world. They buy trillions of dollars of materials, products and services every year. However, you may not have know that the government auctions items every year too. Seized property or surplus inventory will eventually make it’s way to government auction platforms. Since there are many government agencies, you can buy several key products for running your business. In this post, we have covered the best government auctions to take advantage of.

Automotive Government Auctions

Undoubtedly, many municipality auctions have to sell cars that were acquired while enforcing the law. These vehicles might have been collected to settle tax liens. Other vehicles might be from criminals. Certainly, these auto auctions can have a wide range of vehicles to buy from. If your business relies on vehicles for transportation of people, equipment or goods, buying a government vehicle could be a great way to save money. Just remember, unlike any other vehicle fleet, you may not have access to finance an auto loan. Therefore, you should be careful which cars or trucks you can buy in government auctions.

Real Property And Land

Commonly, many real property and land property are auctioned by the government. These property include seized assets as well as public land that has yet to be developed. In both cases, the properties are sold by a government administration who has control over the property. These properties can also include homes, commercial buildings or military facilities. Consequently, your business could probably benefit from some extra office space, land or surplus property for growth.

Forfeited Aircraft

Looking upwards in price, government auctions occasionally sell aircraft. If your company needs an airplane or private jet, you can find a deal with the selling agency. These planes include forfeited property from all over the nation. Even if your business doesn’t transport products regularly, an aircraft could be very useful for executives who need to travel to multiple cities in any given day. Check government auction listings regularly to find aircraft models that could fit your business travel needs.

Industrial Heavy Equipment

A practical benefit, governments sell industrial equipment in online auctions. Your business can buy fork-lifts, heavy equipment, machinery and more from the government. Many times, government projects have left over equipment, surplus machines or old materials that could help your business. Whether you need a forklift in the warehouse or an extra crane for your crane rental business, place a government bid that your company can afford. The heavy equipment can be sold in auction at a discount. Then, you can write it off against your business income taxes as well.

Art Collectibles

Additionally, you can upgrade you office with government art auctions. The Department of Justice regularly collects forfeited collectibles that can are sold to the public at auction. To spruce up the office, you can buy some nice art for the office walls. Often times, the art in the room can create a new, refreshing environment. Alos, you can buy art at auctions to donate to business charity. Simply, you have to get in touch with the specific agency selling the art for the auction dates and location.

Clearly, your business can buy a lot of merchandise and equipment at government auctions. Remember, auctions do not have consistent listings. While they are a good deal at times, businesses can not rely on them for regular purchasing. On non-residual purchases like cars, trucks, aircraft, buildings and land, government auctions can be a great deal. Consider them carefully when buying long term items for running your business.

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