5 Different Ways To Collaborate Online In Real Time

Office settings all over the globe promote collaboration within the workplace. Now that remote work is becoming more and more prominent, managers have to discover ways to collaborate online as well. As a manager who overseas remote teams, you need the best online collaboration tools if you want to complete projects on time. Without the top digital tools, you could decrease your company’s ROI. After all, teams that do not collaborate are not productive. Read on to discover the top different ways to collaborate online in real time to improve your remote team’s efficiency.

File Sharing Tools

Managers boost their remote teams’ productivity levels by using file sharing tools to collaborate online. Most file sharing tools allow employees to send their documents to their colleagues quickly. This makes completing projects on time much easier to do. Additionally, the best file sharing tools provide workers with the option to edit each others’ documents. Some even let you comment on documents to avoid editing something that should not be changed. These tools encourage teamwork among remote teams while also giving managers the opportunity to monitor collaboration in real time.

Instant Messaging

Another way to collaborate online with remote workers is to use instant messaging. Various project management platforms come equipped with instant messaging built in. These platforms make communicating with off-site employees easy. If you need a worker to complete a time-sensitive task, you can message them immediately. Most platforms tell users who is online while they are, so you can ensure that your urgent messages will be received and read quickly. The software works similar to texting software for business. Moreover, instant messaging allows employees to ask you and their colleagues questions about projects they are working on. In turn, their online collaboration improves their productivity levels and builds team trust simultaneously.


Consider collaborating online via feedback options. Consider this one of the tech essentials for business. Platforms that offer the best feedback do so through public dashboards. Every employee on the team, and sometimes the whole company, can communicate with one another in the same place. This option supports real time conversing and also allows users to return to past conversation threads for information. You can comment on your team’s progress with this tool. Some platforms even allow users to set up notifications so that they get notified when you or other workers provide feedback. Use this method to collaborate online in real time.

Mind Maps

If you and your team like to brainstorm ideas, mind map tools are highly effective for collaboration. There are real-time mind mapping software that allow you to plan by drawing out project plans, processes and goals. With a colloaborative software, everyone can easily share their ideas, make changes and view upcoming milestones. Moreover, you can create existing templates for similar projects. Mind map collaboration tools are a great solution to brainstorm and plan together as a team.

Time Tracking Tools

The most efficient teams collaborate using time trackers. This type of real time software keeps everyone focus on their time management. Everyone on your team can easily view time spent on specific web pages, documents or projects. More so, the software can provide heatmap analytics to show where on the page you spent the most time. While this might be alarming to distracted team members, the software could save plenty of time when reporting billable hours or planning for future projects. Most importantly, these software give an objective view of how long each task takes.

To have an efficient remote team, managers need to collaborate online using real-time software. Implement a secure file sharing system so that your team can exchange important files, documents and media quickly. Secondly, an instant messaging platform can save your team from sending dozens of unnecessary emails per day. Using the right online collaboration software, you can provide plenty of feedback, brainstorm plans and track your time together. These are all different ways to collaborate online in real time while making your team more efficient.

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