Davenport Laroche And The Modern Container Investment Model

The Modern Intermodal Shipping Container

The tanker, Ideal X left its harbor in Newark, NJ and set sail for her maiden voyage in the spring of 1956. The converted tanker sailed the Atlantic Ocean weighed down by 58 cargo-filled trailers stacked on each of the ship’s decks. Thus, containerization was born. Since it’s conception that April morning, container shipping and the idea of containerization continually root itself as the backbone of the global shipping world. Malcolm McLean, a businessman and transport entrepreneur from North Carolina, created the concept of containerization. McLean developed the first design for the modern intermodal shipping container, which revolutionized international trade in the second half of the twentieth century.

The cost savings to companies who utilized these containers to ship their products promoted the growth of container shipping throughout the world. With food, coal, grains and most all raw materials as well as a multitude of prepackaged goods finding their way on board these vessels and safely housed in container storage, container maritime shipping became the go-to source of transportation for almost all goods and products. In fact, 90% of global cargo is housed in containers aboard these internationally-bound freighter vessels today.

Davenport Laroche’s Nativity

Davenport Laroche, with Jacques Piccard at its helm, had been intricately involved in the container investing arena and had kept a close eye on the industry since as early as the Vietnam War. Davenport Laroche’s team of economic advisors studied and understood the patterns of the shipping container landscape inside and out. Until now, those who worked in the industry reserved container shipping as an investment opportunity only for themselves, those close to them, and those few high-profile institutional investors like Warren Buffett. Only the elite profited from the enormous amounts of wealth that the world’s shipping containers had to offer.

The world’s economy gave way in 2008, and the Global Economic Crisis rocked the world’s financial strongholds to the core of supply chain management. In the wake of this tremendous economic downturn, Mr. Piccard and the Davenport Laroche team saw the perfect opportunity to bring container investing to the people. By allowing the private sector to invest in the container shipping landscape, it gave those still financially fragile from the horrific crisis, a chance to put their dollars into an investment that was tangible, secure and would consistently create a return on their investment month over month year in and year out.

The Model Of Investment

Davenport Laroche’s investment model was simple. Let the people buy and own the containers, and the corporations rent those containers from the people for a stable monthly rental fee. Thus, giving the people a durable, practical and reliable investment that would continue to be in demand for decades to come. Mr. Piccard and the team at Davenport Laroche seized the opportunity and quickly rolled out this investing plan to the public. This investment model offered the critical pieces to the investing puzzle that the investing community was searching for at that very moment. Davenport Laroche’s investment plan had 100% capital preservation, insurance on all containers as well as a stable monthly rental income/return on their investment. The best part of the entire model was that anyone would be allowed to partake because the entry-level investment price was so low it proved accessible to people from every walk of life.

Asset-based investments are a top priority for investors. Moreover, shipping container investments allow them to diversify their asset-based investment portfolios. Even at this moment, container shipping and it’s public investing model is growing, and the demand for containers by significant corporations still far surpasses those owned by and available for rent from the public investor.

Now is the time to invest before the market saturates with container owners fighting for rental placement before the general investor spots what an excellent opportunity stands before them. With the right leasing guidance, you can still easily earn a consistent monthly return with only the tiniest of risk taken. Little to no risk with consistently high reward. Davenport Laroche offers you an investment opportunity similar to this.

How You Make Money

Davenport Laroche announced only a few weeks ago in a worldwide press release that their average return on investment for 2017 was an outstanding 24.92% for the investors who opted for the higher risk/higher income plan. Solely from the numbers, the investment model created by Jacques Piccard has caught the attention of investors.

The process begins when you purchase your shipping sized containers from Davenport Laroche. Upon purchase, the investor receives a Deed of Sale as legal documentation to show the rightful owner of any container vessels purchased, insured and trackable. The next step is to immediately rent your purchased containers to the dozens of multi-million dollar corporations that consistently need your container asset to transport their materials. Once rented, your job is easy as long as you can accept a cash return once a month and find your way to the bank to deposit it.

Yes, there are a few decisions you will need to make. Do you choose a high-risk investment plan which will keep you a bit more involved, but will yield returns like last year’s astonishing 24.92% for the year? Do you choose a more passive income opportunity, opt for a low-risk investment and still garner a consistent 12% return on your investment monthly? Both options require investment choices that depend on tolerance, liquidity and current portfolio diversification strategy.

100% Capital Preservation

Also, don’t forget that with both the high income and conservative leasing options, Davenport Laroche is contractually obligated to repurchase the containers at the conclusion of five years ownership and at the price at which they sold them to you. Investors can get back exactly what they put in at the beginning, giving them the complete preservation of capital that is guaranteed.

The Container Investment

With each safehold that Davenport Laroche puts in place, the potential risk continues to plummet, and investors chance at a very lucrative return stays consistent or grows. So while the worldwide demand for containers continues to grow, so will investor’s returns. Davenport Laroche can be your conduit to container investments. If approached with an investment mindset, shipping containers could be the most lucrative hard asset investment that holds a fraction of the risk associated with most opportunities in the marketplace today.

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