7 Best Men’s Health Business To Start As A Medical Professional

Are you hoping to start a business that will give you the opportunity to focus your efforts on helping to improve the health of men? Then rest assured that you have plenty of options beyond opening a medical office practice or dental office. Keep reading for a list of degrees that could help you open a men’s health business anywhere in the world.

Public Health

A degree in public health could give you just what you need to open a business to assist men. With a public health degree, will have the administration and communication skills to help low-income communities or in impoverished nations where they do not have readily available resources or easy-to-access health services. You can become a master of public health at a traditional brick and mortar school or, if it suits you better, you can even get a public health degree online from schools like the University of Arizona. Once you have the degree in place, you can a new public health service in your local community, or in other areas that have high demand for public healthcare providers.


Urology is an important medical field for men, as urologists are able to treat a variety of conditions that include kidney stones, an enlarged prostate, and even cancers that affect the urinary tract of men. These medical professionals also address issues related to sexual dysfunction and male infertility, so they are invaluable resources for men who want to maintain their health as they age. Because urology is considered a specialty within medicine, you will need to pursue a medical degree first. Then you will need to complete your residence training specifically in urology.


Another excellent idea for those with CPR history? An endocrinologist is a specialist in the conditions that can affect a man’s endocrine system, which includes the male hormones and the many bodily functions that are controlled by those hormones. This is yet another lucrative medical business that you can start if you wish to help men on a daily basis by assisting them with regaining and maintaining their health. It is also a great field to get into within medicine, and a specialty that many men benefit from. You will have to complete medical school, obtain your license, complete your residency training, gain board certification in the field of internal medicine, complete a fellowship in endocrinology, and become board certified in endocrinology before you are qualified to work. Once you are qualified, you can open an endocrinology office and start your own medical practice.

Fertility Specialist

As a fertility business, you will work with men and their spouses if they are having difficulty conceiving a baby. These specialists are typically associated with an IVF clinic or assisted reproductive technology clinic. They are on the forefront of the medical device industry. For this type of medical practice, you will also need to go to medical school, complete a residency, and get a fellowship. However, since these medical business clinics are in high demand, it could be worthwhile in the end. Fertility clinics have become so popular, you can even find franchise opportunities for them as well.

Men’s Health Business Tips

If you want truly want to open a men’s health business anywhere in the world, you are going to need a few more tips to help you become successful. Arguably, one of the most important tips to take to heart? If you are the owner of a men’s health business, you want to make sure that you yourself are actually healthy. You would not open a Sylvan tutoring center if you had no education experience, right? Regardless of whether you become a fertility specialist or endocrinologist, you want to exemplify to your customers that you are an expert in the field of men’s health. So be sure to exercise, eat healthy, practice habits of financially healthy people and keep up with your mental health as well. If you do, you are sure to have much more success in this field, and may want to consider a pizza franchise instead.

Sports Specialist

This category applies to both men and women, but we figured we would include it because of the financial opportunities medical experts have in this field. Specialists in this arena have a unique advantage when offering their skills to sports teams of any and all levels. Diagnosing and treating serious injuries or offering prevention techniques are both ways to market yourself to sports teams. For example, Dr. R.S. Porter of Functional Chiropractic received certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Sports Performance Specialist on top of earning his doctorate, so he has a better market value from a sports team’s perspective.

Men’s Anti Aging

You might think of anti aging for women with all the makeup products and skincare solutions on the market. However, men are interested in anti aging too. They are getting treatments to look and feel younger. These treatments change their chin and jaw line or other parts of their face. If you were to open a healthcare business and service men specifically, you could tap into a completely untouched market. It would just take some extra marketing effort to spread the word. After that, you could find yourself with a very profitable men’s health business.

There are many great reasons to start a men’s health business that will make a difference in your community. If you are interested in any of the healthcare businesses above, or opening a hearing aids business, you will first need to get the degree that you need to become qualified. Then it is a matter of finding the right customer market or community that will give you the chance to help men every day.

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