How To Order A Delaware Good Standing Certificate Online

Entrepreneurs typically order Delaware Good Standing Certificates once they have officially started up a business in the state of Delaware. After all, you might consider Delaware one of the best states to incorporate. Entrepreneurs like yourself benefit from this type of certificate because it proves your company is valid. Thus, it expands your business opportunities and increases your chances of succeeding. Instead of wasting your time filing in-person, read on to learn how to order a Delaware Good Standing Certificate online.

Determine Whether You Need One

Before filling out the order form online, determine whether you actually need a Delaware Good Standing Certificate. Entrepreneurs need such certificates when they plan to further their business ventures. For instance, if you are planning to open a corporate bank account in Delaware for a startup, you need a Good Standing Certificate. You also need one if you plan to apply for a business loan or partner with other companies. Another reason you could need this certificate is if you are running a Delaware business from another state. In such a case, you need a Certificate of Authority, which can only be obtained after getting a Good Standing Certificate. If any of these circumstances apply to you and your business, you should order a Delaware Good Standing Certificate online.

Check Your Entity Status

Another step to take before ordering a Delaware Good Standing Certificate is to look into your company’s status online. Many entrepreneurs attempt to obtain a certificate without determining whether they are actually in good standing or not. In such a case, time and money are both wasted. Check the entity status of your business online to save yourself grief. If you find that you are not in good standing, take steps to improve your status. Such steps can include paying off and manage business debt if your status faltered from financial issues. Discover if you have a chance of receiving a certificate of good standing before taking the time to apply for it.

Choose Your Type of Business

To begin the actual filing process, declare the type of business you own. If you are currently starting up your company in Delaware, consider the significance of how you incorporate. When ordering a good standing certificate, the state of Delaware demands you specify the type of company you wish to validate. Options include an LLC, a corporation, a nonprofit corporation, a limited partnership, a limited liability partnership, and a professional corporation. Although the fees remain the same throughout, ensure you choose the proper type to optimize the results of obtaining a Delaware Good Standing Certificate.

Complete The Order Form Online

Once you have selected your business type, proceed to the state of Delaware website to fill out an order form. Although you can place an order for a certificate of good standing online, you cannot receive the actual certificate through the web. Instead, the state will send you a copy of your certificate through direct mail. This can be troublesome to numerous entrepreneurs like yourself if you have time-sensitive business to take care of. Therefore, consider this factor early on in your business career. Only then can you guarantee that you receive your Delaware Good Standing Certificate within a time span that benefits you.

Choose Service Speed

With the notion of speed in mind, consider how quickly you need your Delaware Good Standing Certificate prior to pressing the “submit” button on the order form. While you cannot ensure that you can take part in time-sensitive business ventures, you can choose to expedite the back-end of the process. At a price, you can choose between 4 options. The fastest option is a 1-hour expedite and requires an extra fee of $1,000. The smallest amount you can pay to expedite is $50. With this option, you expedite the process to 24 hours. Understand that despite the expedited process, your certificate still needs to be mailed to you. Hence, you cannot perform any actions that require a certificate until you have obtained it after ordering online.

To be considered a valid business in Delaware, order a Delaware Good Standing Certificate. First, determine whether you need one so you do not waste your funding. Then, check your company’s status online to ensure you are in good standing. Declare the type of business your company is so you can properly fill out the form. Once you have done so, visit the state of Delaware’s website to begin filing. Lastly, choose whether you need to expedite the order before submitting the form. Now, you know how to order a Delaware Good Standing Certificate online.

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