Delegate These Virtual Sales Assistant Tasks For More Productivity

A virtual sales assistant can increase your productivity very quickly. When it comes to managing your time, an assistant takes on all the essential, non-revenue generating tasks. As a busy manager, you should be delegating everything from financial operations to CRM activities. In this post, we give you the top virtual sales assistant tasks to start managing rather than executing.

Compliance Paperwork Requirements

Naturally, a virtual assistant in sales can complete all necessary compliance documents. As litigation and paperwork requirements continue to rise, you can offload these tasks easily. Simply, assign any compliance or paperwork related activities to your assistant. These documents can include 17a-3 requirements, privacy notices or contract law protection docs. While all of these paperwork are required, you can save plenty of time by assigning them to an assistant.

Engage And Build Teams

Often times, assistants can manage smaller requests from teams. Instead of answering every email to your team, your assistant can take care of the smaller requests. Sometimes, the assistant can execute the requested activity as well. A quick response time to team members will also increase their employee engagement. Of course, you should establish boundaries. Once setup, managers focus on managing critical activities and team requests.

Book Hotel And Travel Accommodations

Regardless of your corporate travel policy, most managers need to follow some type of protocol to travel for business. You might already know how cumbersome the paperwork and details are for booking a trip. The hotel booking and business travel itinerary are a lot of work in the first place. Then, you have to get corporate approval. To improve productivity, assign the travel booking tasks to your virtual sales assistant. They are able to find bookings within your budget and fill out all the corporate paperwork too. This way, you can spend your time doing activities that generate more revenue.

Manage Calendar Scheduling

Perhaps one of the best tasks, virtual sales assistants manage calendars very well. They can schedule calls, appointments, reminders and meetings. When your schedule is managed efficiently, you will spend more time managing and engaging in business activities. As a result, the administrative hassle of organizing your calendar make the most out of your time during the day.

Order Materials From Vendors

Next, a reliable virtual assistant can maintain inventory for business. Most managers spend a considerable amount of time on inventory. If your business uses an online inventory software platform, then your VA can login and order any materials that are getting low. This is a great task to outsource to an assistant. It is one less recurring task that you have to worry about as a manager.

All of these tasks for virtual sales assistants can save you time. In management, your productivity has a direct impact on the bottomline of the business. Try to delegate as many non-core tasks as possible. Additionally, you will be able to find a virtual sales assistant with experience by creating a detailed job description. Once hired, train them well. Then, you can increase your management productivity by outsourcing multiple tasks to your virtual sales assistant.

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