8 Strategies To Engage Readers With Incredibly Compelling Content


Creating compelling and engaging content on a daily basis is not as simple as it sounds. It requires constant brainstorming, research, creativity, great attention to detail and a pretty sizeable time commitment. Most businesses don’t have the luxury of time. It may seem tempting and more efficient to simply find content from other websites through software programs than to create original content for their brand. Unfortunately, this leads to a large amount of regurgitated or re-spun information that is not really speaking to your customers. Whether you outsource your content writing or you take care of it in-house, delivering engaging content to your readers is key across all verticals.

Be Original

We have all heard this before but it is the number-one method to keep your customers coming back to you. If you are interacting with your customers, you have a direct and genuine perspective into their wants, needs, and purchasing behaviors. You should be such an authority that you might even want to learn how to self publish a book from your brand. To gather enough content, pay attention to what your customers are telling you and utilize this feedback to create content that is geared to providing solutions to their needs.

Tell A Story

The use of storytelling is essential for creating content that people want to read and engage with. Tell a story with your content. Even if you are talking about a topic that seems technical and otherwise boring, like TV providers, find a way to incorporate your topic into a story. Using the power of storytelling will put the reader inside of your content. They will be unable to click off your site until they hear the end of the story. The use of storytelling is a great way to create content that people love and want to engage with.

Link to Other Useful Content

If you want your content to deliver, you need to get help to make a blog prominent by making it a habit to link back to other people’s useful content. You need to ensure that you are linking to content that is related to your subject matter. Link back to popular sites that are trusted. It will do wonders for your ranking and will build credibility with your readers.

Ask Questions and Provoke Thought

One of the most effective ways to get your readers engaged is to simply ask thought-provoking questions. Find out what makes your readers tick, and what their thoughts and opinions might be on a provocative subject. Anything can be written in a way that makes it a provocative subject, by the way. This includes serviced offices, an otherwise neutral topic. You may be surprised how loyal your audience will become when they realize you’re interested in what they have to say.

Share and Post Daily

If you want to be successful on social media, you need to be sharing and posting on a daily basis. Consistency in posting useful content across all of your social media platforms is crucial to keeping your readers interested and anxiously awaiting your next post. However, there are caveats to posting that you should be aware of depending on what platforms you use. Twitter, for example, is a platform that you can post on numerous times per day. Same goes for Pinterest. You can pin to various boards all day long if you think this will help your cause. Facebook and Instagram are platforms that are really geared to quality posts over quantity. You want to share content that is relevant, interesting to your audience, and searchable.

Proofread and Edit

You cannot rely on running your content through software programs to check for punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors. Although these programs are helpful, manually proofreading your work before posting it is an absolute necessity. The last thing you want to do is post something about the CPA exam that is full of grammatical errors. It will end up damaging to your credibility. Your readers come to your website or blog because they see you as an expert in your field. Grammatical errors and misspellings are not acceptable at the expert level. Proofread, edit, and proofread again before anything goes live.

Watch Your Tone

It goes without saying that the tone of your content should be tailored to your specific target audience. Taking this into consideration is key when setting up the outline of any article, blog, or social media post. As a general rule, the tone should be conversational and informative. No one likes a hard sell, and no one likes to read an article that they can’t relate to or that is preachy in nature. You should also consider whether the reader is seeking verification vs validation. Be aware of the tone of each piece of content and how this tone can affect your readers.

Make Your Content Easy to Digest

The average attention span of an adult today is about 8 seconds, so if you are particularly long-winded in your writing, chances are you will have readers dropping off quickly. You must get a cloud provider with fast loading response times. Keep your content short, simple and to the point. Break it up into paragraphs or list form for easy scanning. The old adage of “less is more” couldn’t be more spot-on here.

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