9 Best Small Business Ideas To Start Your Own Venture

Sometimes, easy small business ideas are very profitable. Instead of investing a lot of money and time into a business that may or may not succeed, easy small businesses offer a low cost of entry and time. That means, with the right idea, you could start making money tonight without ever having to figure out the business plan definition. And, not just a little side money, but substantial income that can be used to eventually quit your day job.

Quick Set-Up Small Businesses

Now, I know there are some of you thinking that nothing can happen overnight. Building a business takes years of experience and hard word work in order to succeed. And to them, I say you are completely correct. However, a small business that can be set up quickly does not take away from the dedication and commitment required to keep it going.

Profitable At-Home Industries

There are several industries where starting a business can be highly profitable right from your home. While many offer business franchising opportunities, our purpose for this post is to provide easy ideas that can work for you. Franchises, buying business opportunities, partnerships and other types of start ups require additional research and complexity. To keep things nice and simple, let us examine businesses that would work for you.

Small Business Ideas

Of course, no list of easy business ideas is ever complete. There are many ideas out there, some popular and others not so much. However, hopefully, this list will get you started thinking about what your skills are. Once you have a good idea of what you are good at and enjoy, it will be much easier to pick an idea work for you. Furthermore, when you play to your advantage is as a business owner, whatever business you start will seem easy because of your unique experience and background.

Pet Care Businesses

Starting a pet care business is one of the best small business ideas to start with no startup capital. You do not need to have much money to start a dog walking business or a pet sitting business. All you need to do is talk to family and friends to generate word of mouth advertising. In addition, operational costs will only be as much as the gas money it takes to get to your clients’ houses and apartments to care for their animals. You may even be able to list your dog walking business on online directories of dog walkers in your area. There are many reasons why pet care businesses are some of the best small businesses to start on a small budget. There convenience and affordability are enough of an advantage for you to consider whether this is the right idea for you.

Referral Businesses

Do you have friends or family that need some occasional help? Whether it is doing yard work, picking up dry cleaning or baby sitting, there are endless possibilities for starting a fraud business. If you do a good job, it is highly likely that your friends and family will refer you to their friends and family, bringing in a lot of business for you. More so, you can start your own referral business such as a real estate referral business.

Freelance Business

The Internet is filled with marketplaces for freelancers. But, do not be intimidated by the many offshore and outsourcing freelancers available online. There are many people looking for high-quality, local freelance providers to do tasks like virtual assistance, content writing, book keeping, translations, etc. There are many resources online to assist you in freelance such as “The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guide To Being A 1099 Employee“.

Vendor Businesses

Opening a vendor business is quite easy. The low costs of renting a booth at a trade show, concession stand or local market is cheap in comparison to a retail location. Or, you can take advantage of helpful auction tips and sell at auctions online or onsite. Plus, you can sell something that you are good at making. This is a chance to get creative selling items like hand-made jewelry, farm products, gift baskets or other goods.

At Home Marketing Businesses

The best small business ideas are the ones that allow you to work from home. At home marketing via Instagram posts or podcasting allows you the opportunity to start your own small business while still working another full-time job. If you have ever hear someone refer to a “blogger,” those are the people who are taking advantage of a wide open market for at-home marketing. Focus on one thing you are really good at and use Instagram, WordPress and podcasting to turn it into a lucrative small business for yourself. If you know how to self publish a book, this is the best small business opportunity for you to capitalize on.

Handyman Businesses

Of course, you can start a handyman business. You can manage the same jobs a plumber, electrician or builder can. In fact, you typically handle more responsibility, making you true competition for business like air conditioner companies, who specialize in one job. Create a website that advertises your skills and projects. Certainly include images, videos and reviews for potential clients. You can make an income by helping community members with household projects and additions. More so, if you are a skilled handyman, your clients will most likely refer you to others.

Once you have gained enough experience, almost any business is easy to start. The real challenge is how to manage to growth of that business. For those of you who are looking for in a side income, some of these ideas will work perfectly. However, if you would like an easy business idea to make a lot of money over time, you will have to work harder to maintain your an initial operations while reinvesting into the business.

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