Effective Ways to Keep Your Remote Workers Happy

Some companies dismiss remote working as a gimmick designed to keep talented employees happy. However, there are a variety of valid reasons why you might want to use remote workers in your business. If you are looking to reduce office costs, or you are trying to become a more flexible employer, then remote working can be the ideal way to solve the problem. However, the happiness of these employees is just as important as your office-based staff. Below are four ways how you can keep them happy.  


Even though those working at home have been found to be happier in their jobs than office-based workers, there can still be times when motivation can become difficult. The problem for managers is that it isn’t as easy to spot from remote work locations. Employees working from home need to be self-motivating to get their work done and keep producing their best. Learning to anticipate this lull and work to generate motivation is the best way to prevent boredom and demotivation. Try to mix the work up a little so that they aren’t doing the same role every day. You also need strong communication and a good working relationship.


For remote workers, communication is essential, because, without it, your employees can feel isolated and demoralized. Depending on the work you do, it can be a good idea to have daily video meetings with your remote workers, as a team or individually. It will help your staff feel more involved in the company and not just out on the fringes. Try to keep the meetings informal and light-hearted, talk about things that are happening in the office and ask their opinion. Depending on their individual circumstances, you might want to call them into the office now and then to meet up in person and chat about how things are going.

Praise Good Work

Just as you would with your office-based staff, you should recognize hard, high-quality work in your remote staff. If they have succeeded in completing their objectives, then they should be offered the same incentive an employee in the office would get. You should make these announcements in front of all your staff, so your office employees can see the valuable contribution they are making. For example, if they have been doing a lot of research on trading by reading Wealthfront reviews and other companies, then it might be a good idea to do a group video conference where you can praise them along with the rest of the office.

Encourage Their Flexibility

Many remote workers are suited to this type of work because they might not be able to work standard hours. Therefore, to help them feel more motivated, you should encourage your employees to produce their best work and enjoy life, but without a strict deadline. It means those who work better in the evenings won’t be penalized.

If you can keep your remote workers motivated and happy, then there is no reason why you cannot have a great working relationship with them that is highly productive.

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