5 Experiential Marketing Tips For Small Business Brand Experience

Experiential marketing is a promotional strategy that engages customers and invites them to participate in a brand experience. Many large organizations do this through extravagant events and giveaways. However, you do not have to be a billion dollar company to succeed in experiential marketing. If you are a marketing professional for a small business, take a look at our top five experiential marketing tips down below.

Focus On Location

The first thing that you should focus on for your experiential marketing campaign is the location. As a small business, it can be hard to draw in a huge crowd. This is why you must bring the event to them, some place that people will take notice. An international business event can bring a lot of attention while requiring France capital.  However, whether you host your event at a local mall, park or shopping center, make sure that you are guaranteed an audience. If you complete your marketing event in a public venue, you will be much more likely to succeed.

Tell Your Story

Telling your specific store is another important part of experiential marketing. Every event should have a message or purpose that directly relates to your brand. If you own a clothing boutique, consider hosting a pop up fashion show. If you run a bakery, a live cook off event with silver bullion could be your niche. Connecting your experiential campaign to your brand will make it more memorable for the consumer.

Integrate Social Media

Social media is a free marketing tool that all small businesses should take advantage of. If you want to try your hand at experiential marketing, make sure that you integrate social media. Posting online and encouraging your audience to post as well can help to expand your campaign reach. If you can, start building excitement prior to your event to help create a buzz.

Create An Experience

When it comes to the actual event, you need to focus on creating an experience. This all depends upon your financial derivatives, budget and how the event will fit into your business. However, the key tip for all small businesses is to appeal to all five senses. Traditional marketing can draw in consumers through sight and sound. Experiential marketing is your opportunity to go beyond that. This will truly set your business apart and help create something memorable for consumers to participate in.

Consider Partnerships

If you are a small business that wants to put on a big event, consider enlisting in non competitive brands for partnerships. Working with other businesses in the area can  help you to draw in even more customers. For example, if you host a pop up fashion show, consider enlisting the local bakery to provide baked goods for the audience to snack on while they watch. This can benefit both of you, and it will help bring your event to the next level.

Experiential marketing can be an excellent tool for small businesses. Marketing professionals that work with smaller organizations simply need to follow these five tips to create a memorable campaign. By utilizing social media and collaborating with other businesses, small businesses can host a successful marketing event.

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