How To Find A Trademark Lawyer To Represent Your Brand

A trademark is a legal registration of a symbol or word that represents a business. Many business owners fear the exploitation of their own intellectual property. Especially for business owners starting an internet business, intellectual property is a very serious matter. Hiring a trademark lawyer could help protect against the infringement of your business’s creative designs and logos. Below, we talk about how to find a trademark lawyer for your business.

USPTO Connects Trademark Lawyers

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a federal agency that reviews trademark applications, helps businesses find a trademark lawyer. They promote pro bono programs such as the American Bar Association and The International Trademark Association (INTA) for businesses who cannot afford the full charge of a trademark lawyer. If you do not have the resources now to hire representation, you can find a pro bono programs that will offer greatly reduced services. Saving money on a trademark lawyer will allow you to accomplish a huge task such as trademarking your service names without stressing about costs. The USPTO will be able to connect you with a reliable lawyer at minimal costs. Finding a trademark lawyer doesn’t have to be huge expense to your business by going through the USPTO.

Search Classified Ads For Attorney Services

Finding a trademark attorney can be just as simple as looking through the classified listings or seeing an ad. Finding any intellectual property lawyer can be easy and painless because trademarks a popular service provided by IP lawyers. But, if you want one that will give a conscientious effort while respecting your competence, there’s no better way to find out than calling the number. In your search for a trademark lawyer, you can find a ton of lawyers in the yellow pages, classified ads or online advertisements.

Interview Lawyers In Your Local Area

Additionally, you can interview local trademark attorneys in your area. When driving your business district, you will find many local attorneys who can do trademark services. You want to find someone that is compatible with your business. A compatible lawyer with your business put your best interests first. Similar to working with a small business coach, when the interest of your business is a priority, the lawyer will be easy to work with. Respecting your knowledge of your business make them a better lawyer and give them a comprehensive argument in any litigation, meditation or arbitration they would represent you in. Try calling them and finding one with a higher compatibility will have a better impact on you and your business. It is an added benefit to find a competent trademark lawyer in your local area.

Check The Local Bar Association Listings

Another way to find a trademark lawyer for your business is through your local bar association. Usually, bar associations will keep an online directory or referral services. Bar associations will accurately lead you to a lawyer with expertise in trademark law. This will make the whole process of filing your trademark registration a lot easier. It doesn’t take a lot of time and you’ll know you have a respectable lawyer from the actual bar directory. These lawyers will be able to file your trademark correctly and advise you with any guidance you may need. Finding a trademark attorney with experience can be done smoothly with research from your local bar association.

Contact Any Attorney Referrals From Your Network

Getting a referral from a friend, family member or colleague can be another smart way to find a trademark lawyer. If someone you trust shares a recommended trademark lawyer, you would probably respect their opinion more than anyone else. You will know this lawyer has successfully impressed someone you know or love. Asking someone you know can also let you find out their style and if they’re compatible with your work ethic. It is important that a lawyer will listen to your ideas is an important aspect of this process. It will also be easier to build a rapport with your lawyer who has worked with mutual friends. Finding a trademark lawyer for your business can be done just by asking the people you know.

Finding a trademark lawyer for your business can be done many ways. Business innovators can find a trademark lawyer by applying to pro bono programs from USPTO and INTA. Or, you can traditionally search for them in classified websites and ask around by word of mouth. Your local bar association could also be a helpful resource. The US has many qualified trademark lawyers and finding the right one for you is just a few steps away.

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