Tips For Finding A Mentor That Knows How To Run A Business

Finding a mentor can be a great step to help advance your career. New small business owners, especially, may be interested in the many advantages that come along with a business mentor. From networking organizations to personal connections, there are plenty of ways for small business owners to find career mentors. However, if you want to ensure a successful relationship, you should consider these five tips below for finding the right mentor.

Network In Different Circles

The first step to finding a mentor is to start networking among different circles of people. More often than not, a mentor is someone who has different professional experience. Be creative, this can include mortgage brokers, CPA professionals or franchise owners who are all self employed. The success of your relationship can be improved though this difference. This will allow your mentor to offer a more unique perspective on various issues. If you want to find a mentor who can offer the most lucrative advice, consider networking with people who work in circles that you may not have considered previously.

Ease Into The Relationship

The next tip for finding a mentor is to ease into the relationship. Rather than asking outright for someone to be your mentor or consultant, it is important to cultivate the relationship. Take time to get to know your potential mentors. Involve yourself in their work by offering a unique perspective. After you get to know one another and discuss your personal career goals, it is likely that your mentorship will happen organically.

Outline Your Specific Goals

While it is important to build your mentorship slowly, it is also important to have an understanding of your goals. Once you have determined that the mentor may be a good fit, have a meeting to talk about what your expectations are. Do you want to improve your operations? Lower your Facebook advertising cost? Or, create a new line of products? This way, you can both make clear what you hope to get out of this working relationship. If you are working on finding a mentor, consider your goals now so that you can bring them up later.

Show Reciprocation And Gratitude

Another important thing to remember for finding a mentor is reciprocation and gratitude. This type of relationship should not be one-sided. While your mentor may offer professional advice and consultations, you should also make an effort to bring something to the table. Even a simple fruit basket can show potential mentors that you appreciate the time they are taking to meet with you. Or, write a letter with appropriate thank you sayings in business. When you show that you are willing to assist your mentor and reciprocate their efforts, you are more likely to draw in offers to work together.

Keep A Flexible Schedule

Finally, the last tip you should remember is to keep a flexible schedule. When seeking this type of professional relationship, it is important to be willing to work around their availability. This will allow you to meet whenever it is necessary. The more flexible you are, the more successful your mentorship will be.

If you are a small business owner looking to find a mentor, it is important to consider these five tips above. Networking and taking initiative to build a relationship is the best way to cultivate a successful mentorship. Try out these tips during your search for a mentor and see what works for you.

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