5 Fire Safety Management Steps You Need To Take In The Office

In the office, and any workplace for that matter, fire safety is at the top of your list of steps to undertake before opening for business. This cannot be left until later in the year when you’re up and running. If you begin business without going through the proper fire safety steps, then you’re putting yourself, your employees and anybody in the building in harm’s way. With so many ways of securing your workplace from fire risks it couldn’t be easier! In this post, we bring you some fire safety steps that you can take to secure your office before business begins or if you’re looking for more ways of staying safe from the threat of fire.

Managers Must Communicate The Plan

You’ll get nowhere in business without a well thought out plan, whether it’s a project plan or planning out where you want the business to be in 5 years. It’s no different with planning out a risk and compliance assessment, ensuring that every possibility is considered so that you and your employees are safe from harm.

Ensure to plan out escape routes and meeting places in the event of a fire, making sure to keep all paths and rooms on the routes clear of any storage. To better facilitate this, try to keep stock rooms away from these areas, to avoid the chance of items being left in the way. All it takes is one person to ignore warnings for somebody to get injured in the event of an evacuation. Along with escape routes and meeting places, get together a plan for emergency procedures. Outlining employees need to do in the event of a fire or a fire test, identify who is in charge in that event by naming a fire marshal, giving them the job of printing off a list of names to check when evacuation is complete.

Take Preventive Measures

One of the most useful fire safety steps you can take is to ensure you’re looking to preventing fire above all else. Simple steps such as making sure that your devices are regularly maintained by professionals to ensure that they don’t malfunction and cause a fire. Keeping hazardous and flammable materials in a secure location such as a locked container or store room out of the way of contamination.

This is all good and well if you know to do follow these steps, but when you can’t be everywhere all the time, it’s up to the employees you hire to keep your business maintained. This is where E-learning comes into play, keeping your workforce educated in an efficient and cost-effective manner. If your workforce is educated in fire safety, then you’ll be confident in the fact that all your employees are taking the correct precautions when they approach work.

For as little as $25 a course per person, you can use E-learning without affecting the production of your business. As E-learning can be undertook anywhere on any device, whether it’s at home or during lunch, the courses don’t take long to complete and cover everything an employee would need to know during their work hours. Get in touch with a provider of E-learning courses to see how you can educate your workforce using training plans. As a result, your entire office will be prepared to prevent or manage a fire emergency situation.

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