How To Generate Contractor Leads Using Simple Marketing Tactics

Generating fresh leads can be a challenge for many small contractors. The construction industry is dependent on word-of-mouth recommendations. It can be hard for a company to keep working if these recommendations start to dry up. As the owner of a small contractor company, the struggle to generate new leads might seem insurmountable. Generational marketing for your business may seem too time consuming and confusing. However, generating contractor leads can be very easy with a few tools online. The following five steps will quickly generate all the leads your contractor company could need.

Focus Your Business Audience

Take a close look at your business and decide where you want to focus your marketing. Marketing works best when you focus on a specific audience to address and a specific service to offer. As a general contractor, you’re competing against every other general contractor in the area. However, if you market yourself as an expert in a few jobs, such as cabinet building or roof work, you can avoid the competition. Look at what jobs you do and identify the one or two you do best or make the most profit on. Then focus on customers looking for those services. This focused approach will produce more leads likely to pick you over competitors.

Have A Company Website Built

Your company needs to build a website and establish a presence online. A well-designed website can give you a major advantage in generating leads. Many searches for a contractor begin with an internet search. You can only take advantage of this if you have an optimized website. Make sure the specialty you picked above is included in your search keywords such as a home remodeling business. While a website might seem difficult to put together, with the tools now available you can produce a website that looks professional without much trouble. A website is the bedrock of building a successful lead generator online.

Join Local Business Directories

Expand your online presence by joining online business directories. The most important to join is “Google my business.” This will list you in Google and Google maps. However, there are numerous other directories you should start entries on. These directories will funnel more leads looking for your services right to you. They also spread your business’ key information, such as hours and services, all over the internet. Joining business directories, and regularly updating your information, will optimize lead generation for your company.

Get Reviewed By Previous Customers

Your company should encourage positive reviews to generate more leads. Reviews online operate as a streamlined version of the word-of mouth in traditional marketing. No one wants to hire a contractor whose clients won’t vouch for them. As a result, encourage your happy customers to post reviews about your great customer service. More importantly, if you receive negative reviews respond to them promptly and sincerely. This responsiveness will draw leads to you as they examine your company. Reviews are word-of-mouth recommendations that don’t require the recommender to know the lead beforehand. As such, they can help leads trust you before they even know you.

Start Blogging About Your Business

Leads will also respond to a creative blog supported by your company. This is a great way to endear yourself to leads. Include posts that show them how to do some simple repair jobs or how to identify problems that will need a contractor. You can even include information on interesting projects your company just completed, including before and after pictures. This sort thing will encourage leads to think of you as more than a contractor. Meanwhile, it shows your talent and let’s you show off your best work. A creative blog can attract leads who haven’t even considered using a contractor yet.

As a contractor, lead generation is a very important part of finding and maintaining customers. While it might seem daunting, lead generation can be accomplished in a few easy steps. Focus your business on a handful of jobs you do well. Build an optimized website to produce search results. Join business directories to appeal to browsers. Get customers to write positive reviews to build word-of-mouth online. Write a blog to creatively draw leads and show your talent. Once completed, these steps will let you simply and consistently generate leads for your business.

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