How To Get The Best Shipping Rates For Small Business

Small business owners greatly benefit from decreasing their shipping rates. You will gain attention from consumers and lower the amount of abandoned carts with the best shipping rates in your arsenal. Additionally, you will stand out from your competition. In order to get the best shipping rates for your small business, you can use a couple of these tips mentioned below.

Look For Better Shipping Material

Finding lighter packaging material will result in a better shipping rate. You will be charged less if your package weighs less. There are alternatives to the standard cardboard box. Many small businesses use a type of plastic bag or envelope with label printing on the front. You can easily find these materials in your home and at the store. Decreasing the shipping rate with lighter materials will result in less money spent and more money earned with your delivery. Finding lighter alternative packaging materials will help your business lower your shipping rates.

Leverage Association Discounts

Small business owners can find the best shipping rates by becoming members of courier services. Shipping services will reward their business members with better rates. This will also help you shop around and find the best shipping service for your business. Finding a consistent rate for your courier company can give you the an accurate number of your shipping costs for you and your customers. This will allow your business to maintain stable costs for products. Becoming a member with your a shipping carrier will give you more affordable shipping rates for your small business.

Partner With Shipping Consolidators

A shipping or freight consolidator is a business that combines packages from different senders into one load that is shipped to a certain destination. Using a shipping consolidator results in lower shipping rates from your business address to a destination. There are many companies you can choose depending on your region. You will also not have to stress about sending a specific load. If you just need to send one or a few packages at a time, freight consolidators are a great option for your business. Small businesses would benefit from using shipping consolidators to get the best shipping rates.

Try Pre-Paid Shipping

Pre-paid shipping means buying a lot of labels at once. This could help you obtain the best shipping rate for your business when you know you’re going to be shipping a many items at a certain weight. For example, a business providing subscription boxes has many recurring packages to ship. The total cost of pre-paid shipping will be lower than separately purchasing the labels when you need them. This plan will also allow you to know your shipping costs in advance and plan accordingly. Using a pre-paid shipping strategy will decrease your overall shipping rates for the future. It’s one of the best ways to get the best shipping prices for your small business.

Negotiate With Carriers

Many carriers encourage commercial business shipping. You can find the best shipping rates by shopping around and calling different courier services. Not all shipping rates set. You can find feasible shipping rates by asking about their business discounts. Discussing operable prices for your package size results in possible negotiations. Negotiations also result in newfound loyalty for a carrier. Establishing lower shipping rates is possible if you are willing to negotiate with courier services.

There are many ways to find the best shipping rates for your small business. Using more affordable shipping materials and shipping consolidators lowers your shipping costs. Joining associations and negotiating with your carriers gives your business improved rates as well as a new working relationship. Pre-paid shipping is great for consistent package size deliveries. Certainly, small businesses benefit from finding the best shipping rates possible.

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