Aggressive Investing Considerations For Risk Tolerant Potential Investors


If you are a novice investor, you may have recently heard that aggressive investing is the way to go. It is certainly an option, but there are some things you should know first. Thankfully, you do not have to take a Day Trading Academy course to understand this type of investment. Keep reading below to learn some important considerations to keep in mind before deciding an aggressive investment is the right decision for your portfolio.

You Must Tolerate Risk

Aggressive investing is popular because it generally has a higher rate of return. However, a higher rate of return also means a higher risk. The possibility of gaining high returns is matched only by the possibility of losing a lot, if not all, of your investment. You have to ask yourself if this is something you can tolerate. If you worry about losing money every day and cannot stand a volatile market, aggressive investing is not for you.

Think About Long Term

Aggressive investing is not for people looking to make a quick buck in a short amount of time, unlike tech IPOs. The high returns mentioned in the previous paragraph are generally over a long period of investing. There are a lot of fluctuations in the market from day-to-day. You have to be prepared to sit back and let your money grow over time. You will also need to consider your age and when you wish to retire. In general, aggressive investing is best for those that can leave their investments alone for a long time and give them time to grow.

Invest In Stocks And Mutual Funds

Aggressive investing usually means investing in stocks and mutual funds. These are the types of investments that have the greatest return over a long period of time. Make sure you spread your investments out over a number of different stocks and mutual funds. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. This is called diversification. Some brokers offer diversified portfolios with aggressive investing in mind. If you wish to retire soon or consider yourself a conservative investor, you should be looking at bonds. If you decide to do some aggressive investing, conduct further research on mutual funds.

Use A Broker

You are a only a novice investor, who probably still has a full time career. You do not have time to watch the market and look at every stock to decide where to invest. Consider using a broker for your aggressive investing, especially if you are looking to enter the overseas market. This removes any bias you may have to invest in your own industry. Think about the business you work for. Would you trust an individual with no experience in your industry to run it? Of course not! Then why would you trust yourself, a stranger to aggressive investing, to pick an investment portfolio? If you are ready for aggressive investing, you should be ready to speak to a broker.

Consider Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can vary in risk level. However, there are some aggressive mutual funds that offer excellent investment opportunities to investors like yourself. If you want to give aggressive investing a try, consider making an investment with one of these aggressive funds:

  • Akre Focus
  • Fidelity New Millennium
  • Matthews Asian Growth And Income

These are three of the most aggressive mutual funds available in the market today. These funds provide an excellent opportunity to begin investing more aggressively without having to worry about buying single stock options. Consider investing in one, but remember one important thing…

Only Invest 10%…At First

This is an important piece of advice that we saved for last. You should only invest a little cash in the beginning. Consider 10% of your available cash for aggressive investing. Save the rest for a rainy day. You might need to replace a piece of manufacturing equipment or lose a vital staff member tomorrow. This could be infinitely more difficult if all your cash is tied up in an aggressive investing portfolio. Do not forget, with the volatility of the market you might lose money in the short term. It is in your best interests to save some cash for later. When you first start aggressive investing, start small with only 10% of your liquid capital.

Aggressive investing is a popular option for investors. However, there are some considerations a potential investor must take into account. Aversion to risk and a short term outlook are two things that are not compatible with aggressive investing. If you are contemplating aggressive investing, be sure to bookmark this post. Consider your financial needs before diving into the market.

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