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Child care franchises are excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs with an interest in business and early childhood development. There are numerous franchising options available on the market. The Goddard School, in particular, is one of the largest child care franchises in the U.S. The schools are widely distributed and well-known for their distinctive learning systems. If you are an entrepreneur looking to becoming a Goddard Systems franchisee, refer to the information below. Here is a guide to buying a Goddard School child care franchise.


The Goddard School is an education franchise that was founded in 1988. Since its inception, the business has been offering franchising opportunities. The school offers various after-school enrichment programs to children between 6 weeks and 6 years of age. Programs vary depending on a child’s age, skills and developmental level. They are specially designed and mandated by qualified professionals. Goddard schools are typically open on weekdays from 7am to 6pm. In order to operate, 6-9 head teachers and 10-15 assistants are required to be present at all times. Currently, the business is not planning on opening any new locations. If you are interested in becoming a franchisee, you will need to inquire about existing schools. Keep this information on hand as you begin your search of child care franchises.

Fees And Investment Figures

Goddard School franchises require an initial investment of about $700,000. This is a relatively large investment in terms of franchising. However, it is not so much in comparison with other child care franchises. You are also required to have a net worth of $600,000 with approximately $130,000 in liquid capital. Once you become a franchisee, you are also responsible for paying a 7% royalty fee. Goddard Schools charge an advertising fee of 4%, as well. As one of the leaders in child care franchises, Goddard demands a high level of investment. Review your finances thoroughly before considering The Goddard School.

Terms And Obligations

Once you begin your franchising process, you will be subject to the franchisor’s terms and obligations. One of the initial requirements for any franchise for sale is that you are responsible for establishing your own financing arrangement. The franchisor does however, provide access to affiliate financiers who can provide assistance. That is, of course, as long as you match set credit standards. You are also required to be directly involved in the running of the school. If you are unable, you must employ at least one full-time manager. Finally, you are not authorized to sell any goods or services that are not mandated by The Goddard School. You are encouraged to sell only what is provided to you. Once you understand these terms, you will be one step closer to buying one of the top child care franchises around.

Location And Training

The finals steps in becoming a Goddard franchisee involve selecting a location and undergoing training. Franchisees are only allowed to operate schools that have been approved by Goddard Systems. These schools are not exclusive. They may face competition from other schools owned by the franchisor. Once you settle on a location, you must complete a multi-phase training course. The first phase is 8-14 days and involves marketing, operation and management training. The second phase is a two week process that must be completed before the school is officially opened. Once you conclude your training course, you will be prepared to start running your Goddard School franchise.

Child Care Franchise Alternatives

The Goddard School is not the only childcare franchise worth mentioning. In fact, there may be other child care franchises available that offer better opportunities for certain entrepreneurs. One such alternative is Creative World franchise opportunities. Creative World is just one of many, however. Primrose Preschool, Kumon Academy and Children’s Lighthouse are additional Goddard School franchise alternatives for consideration. (“How much is Kumon?”) Depending on whether you would like to open a school or strictly a daycare business, one franchise may present a better opportunity to match your needs. Keep these alternatives in mind to ensure that you do not settle.

The Goddard School is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to franchise. It is one of the leading child care franchises, with 440 locations spread across the U.S. They have comprehensive training programs for franchisees along with meticulously designed programs for children. If you are an entrepreneur conducting research on child care franchises, consider The Goddard School. Studying the information in this post will better prepare you for your prospective franchising opportunity.

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