5 Techniques For Handling Inbound Sales Calls With New Customers

Handling inbound sales calls are a crucial part of any company’s marketing and sales process. Unlike outbound sales calls, customers are contacting the company directly in search of products or services. By handling these calls professionally, a sales person can certainly boost their sales numbers. After all, the customer is already interested and has taken action towards buying from your company. To close more deals, follow these techniques for handling inbound sales calls with new customers.

Speak In A Positive Tone

One of the most effective techniques to handle inbound sales calls is speaking with a positive tone. If a sales person answers the phone in a negative, mundane tone, the caller will immediately be turned off. This lowers your chances of closing a deal and turning a new customer into a recurring one. Since customers based their impression on your message, tone and body language, a positive tone is even more important on an inbound call. Therefore, stay alert and remain enthusiastic while answering calls to engage new customers.

Acquire Background Information

When handling inbound sales calls, you must acquire background information right from the start. This is one of the most important sales enablement tactics that professionals employ on a regular basis. Upon answering the call, you will have no knowledge about the prospective buyer on the other end. In order to properly pitch your products or services to them, you must learn about them quickly. Ask callers how they found your brand and what they are interested in before jumping into your pitch. By acquiring background information, you can also predict which questions the caller will ask. Then, you can prepare your answers effectively. Use this technique to handle inbound sales calls with new customers successfully.

Do Not Stick To Your Script

Additionally, not sticking to your script is a great tactic for handling inbound sales calls well. Most consumers call companies because they want to gain further insight and/or have questions about products or services. You cannot effectively answer these questions or provide valuable information if you are focused on sticking to your script. Instead, focus on listening to what the caller has to say. Then, you can understand their perspective and offer quality responses to their questions. If you want to handle sales calls with new customers effectively, do not stick to your script.

Use Statement/Question Pairs

Expert sales professionals also use statement/question pairs to handle inbound sales calls effectively. While you need to ask questions to get information from interested new customers, asking too many questions at once can get annoying with telesales. If you pair statements with each question, you avoid annoying callers. Instead, you separate your questions with valuable facts about your company. When executed properly, offering this information in between questions keeps new customers interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, this is a highly effective tactic for handling inbound sales calls with new customers.

Demonstrate Expertise

According to Monneypenny.com, you should always demonstrate expertise when handling inbound sales calls. This may seem obvious, but many sales professionals assume that it is unnecessary when customers make the first move. Contrary to this belief, it is just as important to prove your legitimacy to an interested consumer as a disinterested one. When a customer calls you, they expect you to answer their questions fully. If you provide them with lazy, sub-par answers, they will assume that you are uninterested in what you are selling. In turn, they begin to wonder if they should be interested in them. You must demonstrate expertise to engage new customers and close more deals during inbound sales calls.

If you can master inbound sales calls, you can close more deals. One of the best tactics for handling these types of calls is to use a positive tone. Acquire background information early on in the call as well. Moreover, constantly adapt your script so you can offer more relevant responses. Using statement/question pairs is also crucial to closing deals during inbound sales calls. Lastly, demonstrate your expertise during these calls to persuade consumers to purchase your products or services. Consider using these techniques for handling inbound sales calls with new customers.

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