How Business Cybersecurity Will Change In The Next 10 Years

It is clear that online cyber usage will just continue to grow over the next 10 years and will play an even bigger part in our businesses, which means that the importance of cybersecurity will continue to grow and it is vital that we will be protected from cyber criminals in the online world. Whether we are sending emails, uploading photos, using social media, playing bingo or placing bets on the next big investment, security needs to be a top priority for business owners.

Companies Are Increasingly Connected

In the present day most of the critical business systems used are driven by and interconnected with computers and this will just become even more apparent as time moves on. Lives will become completely dependent upon virtual assistants, decisions in all walks of life will be automated and connected devices will become a part of almost every function of life. It will therefore become the norm that all hardware and software will have to be as secure as possible, and we are already seeing this in a range of industries from finance services to online bingo operators mFortune.

Government Investment In Cybersecurity

Within the next 10 years, organizations, many of which will be funded by the Government will continue to work on and develop technologies that will be created for the purpose of cyber-attack defense. Criminal groups will continue to find ways to profit from cyber-attacks and politically driven organizations and terrorist organizations will use cyber hacks to convey their purpose and message.

Artificial Intelligence Will Aid Defense

The problem is that in the physical world it is usually clear as to who the adversaries are and what ‘weapons’ they have at their disposal; however, in the online world this is not the case and this makes them potentially a lot more dangerous. Cyber defense systems will have to become more sophisticated and complex to enable them to deal with huge amounts of data and they will have to be interconnected in a way that they can run in real time. Human analysts working in this field will simply not be able to handle the amount of data and artificial intelligence will have to be more heavily relied upon.

Public And Private Accountability Will Rise

Countries and states will have to take more responsibility for protecting their own infrastructures, like their power grids, traffic control and water supply and use the information they can retain to help public safety in the cyber world. It will also be the responsibility of large corporate organizations to look after their own data on their servers, whether that be data in the cloud, on personal computers or on mobile devices. Even if a data center appears to be completely secure all it would take is for a small leak through a mobile device for a massive data breach to occur.

In conclusion over the next 10 years or so we are likely to see smarter and more complex systems that can handle large amounts of data coming from large populations, systems that can self-update and make decisions in real time. All these advances will assist with ensuring we are guarded in cyber space as much as possible. It will also be the responsibility of each individual to ensure that they are taking as many measures as possible to ensure their own personal cyber security in the same way they would lock their car or set their house alarm at night.

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