How Calvert Mutual Funds Invests Responsibly


Distributed by Calvert Investments, Calvert Mutual Funds offers responsible investments to US residents. Each of the Calvert Mutual Funds has been designed to deliver long term performance to clients. More importantly, Calvert promotes sustainable investment practices, supporting socially responsible investments. What’s more, Calvert Mutual Funds strengthens the alignment of industries with both national and international frameworks. Before you invest in a Calvert Mutual Fund, understanding their governance principles is necessary. In order to help you make well-informed investment decisions, this post explores the various aspects of Calvert Mutual Funds.

Unique Investment Culture

With over 30 years of experience in managing investments, the company has established their credibility. Calvert Investment has consistently fostered principles, behaviors and beliefs aimed at enhancing the value of clients’ investments. All the employees of Calvert Investment strive to maintain highest standards of corporate transparency. Moreover, they share a strong desire to be innovative. Above all, what sets Calvert Mutual funds apart from competitors is their commitment to diversity and reduction of environmental impact.

Commitment To Responsible Investment

Calvert’s responsible investment principles are directed towards finding companies that offer positive leadership in their industrial niche. The company considers ways in which companies improve overall societal outcome, impacting the lives of future generations. In this manner, Calvert Mutual Funds maintains their commitment to socially responsible investments. Conscientiously, Calvert Mutual Funds invest in companies fulfilling their corporate responsibilities through sustainable products, services and job creation. Moreover, Calvert monitors the environmental impact of a company’s activities. Finally, investing in socially responsible companies lead to higher returns on investments.

Dedication To Research

Calvert Investment devotes its resources to researching investment opportunities that bring competitive investment returns for investors. Focusing on the best interests of clients, Calvert Mutual Funds has created a responsible investment universe. To ensure long term gains, Calvert gathers non-financial information including social, environmental and governance factors. Furthermore, Calvert has developed the Calvert Research System to analyze information collected from a number of different sources like trend reports, research studies and company data. Additionally, Calvert Mutual Funds conducts financial analysis to discover truly profitable investment opportunities. Only after performing thorough due diligence, Calvert Mutual Funds includes companies in the investment universe.

Why Invest In Calvert Mutual Funds?

Calvert Mutual Funds has successfully protected the best interests of clients through several financial downturns. Embracing the principles of sustainability, Calvert Mutual Funds presents new and diversified opportunities of investments. These new investment opportunities have been derived from a wide range of innovative solutions to various societal problems. As a result, investors can positively impact their community while earning substantial returns on their investments. On top of that, it enables investors closely evaluate the Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG) impact of their investments. Then, the fund engages shareholders in important issues that matter to society, creating more value. Finally, Calvert Mutual Funds provides expertly designed investment solutions that diversify investor portfolios, balancing the risks and gains.

Calvert Mutual Funds are managed according to market timing, selective arrangements and trading. In addition, the fund allocates capital carefully to deliver better returns on investments to clients. What’s more, it addresses key societal problems, creating greater financial stability. Through socially responsible investment policies, Calvert Mutual Funds safeguards the investments of investors, ensuring long term returns.

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