How Do Fuel Cards Work For Transport Businesses

Fleet fuel cards have been designed to reduce the workload for business owners. If your business relies on vehicles to transport or deliver goods, fuel cards may be especially advantageous to your operations. Fuel cards have a number of financial benefits on business owners and their employees. The best fuel cards help businesses reduce expenses and save time. To learn about how do fuel cards work for business, continue reading this post.

Universally Accepted

Fleet cards are universally accepted at fueling stations. With fuel cards, your employees can fill their vehicles at any brand service station in any location. Fleet cards are not limited to the type of station, fuel grade, location, or amount of filling. This helps your employees easily find fueling and maintenance locations throughout ground transportation trips. When employees can only purchase fuel from specific vendors, it can be significantly more expensive and take longer in locating stations. If vendors are limited, your employees may need to plan their routes around where to fill their vehicles. Fleet fuel cards are universally accepted across all vendors and locations to improve processes for your business.

Restrict Purchases

Fuel cards allow you to restrict your employees’ purchases. Fuel cards are only accepted at fuel or maintenance vendors, and cards can only be charged to purchase gas or vehicle services. This allows you to restrict employee purchases, and ensure they are not using cards for food or at retail locations. Restricting purchases saves your company any lost money in fraudulent purchases. At the same time, by separating fueling costs from other employee expenses, you eliminate the need for reimbursement practices. Developing fuel cards for your entire fleet helps you restrict your employees’ purchases specifically to fuel.

Raise Security

Obtaining company fuel cards helps raise the security associated with gas purchases. Employees must enter their Driver ID in order to utilize a fleet card. This tracks the purchases made by each individual employee. Knowing this helps you know who spent how much, as well as when and where they spent it. At the same time, proper identification prevents stolen cards from being used. If a false Driver ID number is entered when trying to use a stolen card, the account will be frozen, lowering your supply chain risks. This makes certain that your funds cannot be touched even if cards are successfully stolen. Purchasing fleet cards helps business owners raise security behind individual transactions.

Automated Reporting

Utilizing fleet cards helps you automate your expense reporting. Businesses that transport materials have to include transportation costs in the price of their goods. When you deliver goods, you not only have to pay drivers but also purchase fuel. Fleet cards track the amount of fuel purchased. This amount can be associated with individual trips, employees, or objectives. Understanding this helps you quote delivery time and expenses. Simultaneously, it provides copies of your receipts to ensure transactions are constantly accurate. Easy access to this information helps you easily track purchases and update your records. Fleet fuel cards help manage your activity through automated reporting features.

Receive Rewards

By applying for fleet fuel cards, you can receive rewards for your purchases. As you can at iCompario, many fleet cards offer volume discounts when you purchase a specific amount of fuel in short periods. If you do not operate a big enough fleet to qualify for high volume discounts, some companies additionally offer small business discounts. Other companies offer recurring discounts for every year of membership. Starting discounts often vary anywhere from three to ten cents off each gallon of fuel purchased. Discounts on fuel reduce the overall costs to deliver and sell products for your business. Fleet fuel cards help your business receive rewards for your purchases.

The best fleet fuel cards reduce the workload and save money for business owners. Fleet cards are universally accepted which saves you from routing entire trips around fueling locations. They restrict purchases to reduce fraudulent or unnecessary employee travel expenses for your company. Fuel cards raise the security of gas and maintenance purchases. Additionally, they automate your reporting and bookkeeping records for fuel and maintenance. Furthermore, they provide you with rewards for your purchases. If you are wondering how do fuel cards work for business, consider the advantages mentioned in this post.

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