How Statistical Software Helps Businesses Make Accurate Predictions

You probably want reliable, free statistical software to appraise and analyze data within your business. Whether it is tracking down employee performance with two factor theory, charting out the company growth rate or just to analyze customer records, the statistical tools available can make your life a lot easier. Statistical software helps improve company efficiency while keeping a tab on the things around you. There are a number of free statistical software in addition to the paid options that help your business management.

Increased Efficiency

Free statistical software increases the efficiency of any business by properly organizing and streamlining your business data. By properly analyzing figures and information already present in your business, you are able to make better decisions to grow the business. Further more, statistical software will cut down your work load since most software are automated. Once set up, you do not have to input the information over and over again.

Predictive Accuracy

The predictive accuracy provided by using statistical software solutions is a huge advantage for business. When making business decisions, statistical tools for business are invaluable. They can help you make decisions based on more accurate predictions. This is all made possible by statistical algorithms and machine learning. Without business statistics software, you will not be able to provide these advantages for your business.

Free Statistical Software

Many free statistical software are developed by NGO’s and Universities. These are done as part of grant or research projects. Thus, they can be used by almost everyone under a free license. Additionally, some free software are also developed by individuals who release it to the public for free use. These software options are some of the best free risk assessment tools available to business owners.

Easy Customization

The most exciting part of free statistical software is that they can be customized easily. This allows you to make sure the necessary data and results can be processed. However, to fully make use of the services provided by the software, you should have a good understanding of elementary statistical knowledge. Most statistical software are designed so that if you have a decent understanding of stats, you will need only a couple of hours to get acquainted and the intuitive interface should take care of the rest.

SAS University Edition

Let’s have a look at one of the most popular free statistical data as a service software being used most widely across the globe. The SAS university edition is an interactive statistics software that uses comprehensive analytical and quantitative tools. Their online community also ensures a solid support system. And, their innovative programming language allows for easier analysis. Moreover, the free statistical program is easy to download and specially designed for business purposes. To get up and running, you just have to do is get a virtualization software package and download the program. Installation is as easy as that.

PSPP Program

Secondly, the GNU project, PSPP program, is put into effect by individuals and is operated and maintained by a host of volunteers from all over the world. The PSPP program is free software for statistical analysis of sampled data. For many, it is actually a free alternative to the IBM SPSS Statistics. The PSPP stats software is enlisted as one of the best software packages around, recognized by the South African Statistical Association as the certified alternative to the SPSS program. If these credentials are not enough, then you should check out their program features. PSPP offers a wide range of solutions, including two types of user interfaces and data import from almost any source. Best of all, the statistical software does not come with an expiry date.

Effective Employee Performance

These are two of the most highly used free statistical software. You can use them to run you business more efficiently, eliminating work, have more effective employee performance and increasing sales with valuable insights. Of course, if statistics or software is not a strong point for you, there are always freelancers to help you implement the right processes.


If you are willing to pay, but are still cost-conscious, consider MaxStat. MaxStat is one of the best statistical analysis software available on the market that does not cost an arm and a leg. This software for statistical analysis has one of the most user-friendly interfaces you will find. It also has the benefit of easy-to-understand results. If you want a statistical analysis program that is easy to navigate and provides simple results, MaxStat is a great option.

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