Dealing With Business Accidents To Get Max Compensation For Losses


Most of the time, business owners worry about what would happen if an employee or member of the general public were to get injured on the premises or as a result of an at-fault accident involving a company vehicle. This is why they carry liability insurance. But what happens if you or one of your key people were to get involved in some kind of accident resulting in injuries that prevent them from returning to their jobs now, in the near future or forever?

Not only would the injured party be worried about their own injuries and whether or not they will be able to return to work but also there will be the added worry over how your business may be disrupted due to those injuries. If you are injured and are unable to run your business, or a key person is injured and unable to return to their duties, your business just might be disrupted for the foreseeable future until a restructuring is possible.

Don’t Say Anything Until You Have Spoken With Your Attorney

If there is one bit of important information that should be understood it would be that you should remember not to talk to anyone at all until you talk to an attorney. This would be especially important if the accident is questionable in regards to fault and if you are concerned over the disruption of your business. However, you would probably not use your legal team that handles your business affairs.

You would need an injury attorney Corpus Christi specialist in accidents. These are two very separate branches of the law and although your business attorney will more than likely communicate with your accident lawyer, the two have different specialties and both have a very real role to play in trying to avoid disruption of your business or compensation should a disruption occur.

Not All Injuries Are The Result Of Auto Accidents

While an injury attorney will almost always also specialize in automobile accidents, you needn’t worry that they are not knowledgeable in personal injuries. Sometimes injuries are the result of defective products you use during the course of your work and other times you, or a key person, may be out and about, suffering a fall or other calamity that results in being unable to return to work. Not only are your personal injuries in need of being compensated but your business performance has suffered as well.

Only an injury attorney will be able to negotiate the highest settlement for you and again, don’t talk to anyone but your attorney and only after they advise you to whom you may speak and about what. Not all injuries are the result of auto accidents but all injuries do have the potential to do irrevocable harm to your business. That is something very important to keep in mind.

Types Of Business Accidents To Prepare For

In order to prevent common business accidents,even when working from home, you have to know what the most common workplace accidents are. How can you prepare for something if you do not know what it is? Prevent workplace accidents that can result in lifelong changes to physical or cognitive abilities by familiarizing yourself with these types of accidents:

  • Slips and Fallsa
  • Electrical Accidents
  • Manual Handling and Lifting Issues

Once you know what to look out for, you can prepare your business to prevent workplace accidents. This will protect your business while also keeping your employees safe as well, which should be a priority for all business owners.

Determining Fault

If you have ever had to make a claim in an automobile accident, for example, you will understand that fault can be 100% one way or another. Fault can also be ascribed in percentages between two or more vehicles if those drivers were also negligent to some degree. Some states allow for percentage of fault and other states it is simply fault or not-at-fault. Also, your commercial insurance company will gladly tell you that the police report isn’t always the major determinant as to which driver was at fault.

Other factors must be taken into consideration and your injury attorney will seek to locate and take statements from as many witnesses as possible. Those witnesses can include, but are not limited to, the driver and passengers in the other vehicle/s, pedestrians and sometimes even traffic cams are called into play. A great percentage of the time fault is not cut and dry, just as is the case for other valuation services. Upon further investigation, what appeared to be the case on first assessment isn’t really the way things happened at all.

Insurance adjusters are better able to make that determination than police officers but even they are not infallible. Together with your lawyer, your insurance company will seek to help you get maximum compensation if you were not-at-fault and if you were, then you might be working on your own armed only with your attorney. In either case, your attorney is going to be your best friend for the coming months, if not years, and if your business is also impacted, your attorney will know how to get the compensation rightly deserved based on losses sustained and estimates of how much money you are losing due to disrupted business.

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