How To Earn More Money To Boost A Young Adult’s Financial Situation

After a busy holiday season, everyone faces some financial difficulties. Especially, millennials who have to adjust to the new working life. You have to attend parties, cook dishes and buy lots of presents. When you already have student loans on interest, the holiday season can be very tough financially. Even if you decided to plan ahead and start saving, it can be very easy to overspend on friends and family.

Of course, almost every millennial sees financial success as someone who isn’t in debt. It can be very hard to save going into the new year. There must be a way to survive this time of year without further breaking the bank and without having to call in a debt company. There must be away to make extra money during the year as a young working professional – so we did a little research and found the top five ways millennials are making extra money. To help fellow Gen X’s with a side hustle to get them through the rest of the year with a stronger financial situation.


The reason for so much misunderstanding surrounding the job of a copywriter is around the lack of clarity from the title. No, you won’t write poems, novels or other journalistic pieces. Although you will spend most of your days formulating sentences.  Your day will usually encompass a bunch of other seemingly peripheral tasks too; researching, editing and proofreading. You can do this as a freelance. So from wherever you are and with whatever time you have available  you can make some  extra cash. All you really need is to have a nature flair for the English language and you’re set to go. There are so many fields in which you can write for to, the opportunities are really endless so no matter where you field of interest lies there will be an opportunity for you to exploit it. Here are the field in which a copywriter is used; business promotional materials, text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs and pretty much anything else you can think of that requires words.

Video Editor

A film editor is like a second director of the film, commercial and/or campaign except they can work remotely ( I mean there are vast differences between the two but this one being our favorite) any job that lets you live in your sweats and involves periodic napping we’re into. An editor needs to understand the script like the back of his/her hand in order to convey the story to the directors specifics and to collaborate effectively with the directors, producers and film staff in hopes to reach the same end goal.  The film editor will examine tapes for an editing purpose, going through each of the projects takes – yes all of them. The editors have to look for the best takes as well as for errors while deciding how many seconds of each take should, could, would be used in addition to making the small adjustments and crops to best convey the message of the project. This is a very time consuming job and takes a lot of digital and film software knowledge. However, it is one of the most rewarding side hustles out there and can end up racking in a small fortune if you do your homework.

Web Developer

This is a job for the technically advanced, much like the film editor the web developer is part of a its own world, using lingo and phrases that are only clear to that of someone in the industry. Their role specifically is responsible for designing, coding ( that thing that looks like it’s from agent cody banks or the FBI ) and modifying websites all the way from the layout of a website to its ability to function – and all to the specification of the client’s. This can be tedious and time consuming but is all worth it to create a visually appealing site that is user friendly and offers a clear navigation and or purpose. This is my best attempt to explain this job in layman’s term.

SEO Specialist

SEO or search engine optimization analyst is responsible for ensuring that a business’ online content can be found, viewed and if monetized purchased by potential customers. Usually forming part of the marketing and site optimization team is able to manipulate and provide insights into how to better your company’s authority, popularity, relevance, readability and trust through the optimization of user experience, content and analytics. After a marketing campaign has been established, the analyst gathers data about the business’ websites, blogs, social media, and e-commerce web pages as well as its competitors to determine how visible they are to its potential customers browsing the web and how to better target the customer and how useful the digital resources available are. An SEO analyst is highly skilled and is able to manipulate the web in a way to better your business awareness and its sales. It is a time consuming job that requires a constant devotion to the love of all things search.

Mobile App Developer

EverY Millennial loves a good App, whether it’s to upload your latest selfie or to split the costs between roommates – Apps are definitely the way of the future. If your head is in the Tech Space – unlike mine which is in the clouds 99.9% of the time then this is definitely a route you should consider. Application developers work in small teams to identify ideas and concepts that are need/wanted by the general public. They then in teams are able to flesh out ideas, create flow charts and understand a coding language and how to apply it in a way that is able to execute the proposed idea and apply and package it in a way that is user friendly, fresh and fulfils said need or want in a way that is simple and effective. Depending on the job, application developers might work with graphic artists, data specialists and software experts to create these applications. Once the application is created,the App developers then have to help test and fix any bugs or problems that are found before the product is launched. Although this work is done in teams with the inventions of facetime and Skype your teammates can follow you where the wind takes you.

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