6 Sharing Economy Services To Cut Costs For Business

Making your business more efficient is always a top priority. By optimizing all facets of your company, you can increase revenue while cutting your expenses. One of the best ways you can enhance your company’s efficiency is by choosing crowdsourced ventures rather than paying internal staff to perform certain duties. The sharing economy has made fundraising on a budget easy, but what else can it do for your business? Read on to discover four sites that can help you use the sharing economy to grow your business.


RelayRides can help your business cut costs for corporate cars. Corporate business cars are obviously a considerable expense. However, they are necessary if you require a lot of business travel for yourself and employees. But, you do not want to have to look for the best debt consolidation just to be able to afford traveling for business. RelayRides can fix that problem. The company, backed by Google Ventures, allows you to borrow cars from car owners in your area. Users have the option to rent by the hour or by the day. This can be a great way to cut business travel expenses right away. Definitely consider using the sharing economy business RelayRides to cut costs for business travel.


fiverr-5-dollar-gigsImage via Flickr by The.Comedian

The creators of Fiverr created their site for a single reason — they understand that some people have the economic incentives and creative urges to perform tasks for less. Accordingly, they baked the understood price of such services right into their site’s name. For five dollars, you can find a person to do virtually anything. Find out for yourself — several sites offer suggestions on how you can use Fiverr well.

Just consider the ramifications of such an opportunity for your organization. Do your office files need organizing? Pay someone to come in and organize them for a fraction of what you’d pay an actual employee. Do you need some cleaning done but find yourself reluctant to hire a maid? Using Fiverr, get somebody there within the hour who will work for less than a cleaning service would charge. Of course, remember that you’ll sometimes get exactly what you pay for — hiring amateurs instead of professionals always comes with an element of risk. But, at least this way you do not have to worry about personal loan document requirements just to keep your business afloat.


When are your employees least productive during the working day? No, not when they’re looking at pictures of cute animals on Facebook or searching for ways to make money online — rather, when they’re driving to and from client meetings or driving to perform other duties of their jobs. You’re paying a fortune in salary, and you waste part of what you pay when you swallow the opportunity cost of travel time without objection.

A carpool isn’t the best solution, either — whoever drives still won’t be able to work. Uber solves this issue by offering ride sharing services that can be as much as 40 percent cheaper than traditional taxi services. Better still, people who drive with Uber are subject to grading for each transaction — information that can help you choose the most reliable ride for your purposes. Businesses that use Uber can boost the efficiency of their employees while also relieving them of the stress of driving.


Small organizations incur their greatest expenses during business trips. Indeed, staying at expensive hotels can destroy your fiscal budget by itself. Using Airbnb, you can ensure that your workers stay at high-quality residences while paying as little as half what a hotel would cost. What’s more, your employees will have appreciative thank you sayings for providing such accommodations, for a stay in a home offers things that a stay in a hotel never can. Airbnb offers a personal touch that even the finest resorts in the world can’t match.


TaskRabbit can help every business owner finally manage their personal lives as well as they manage their businesses. TaskRabbit is a job marketplace that allows you to hire a person to do whatever you need them to do, from fixing your faucet and other handyman work to various office work tasks. This is an excellent option for businesses looking for temporary workers or entrepreneurs looking for a temporary assistant to plan their online meetings while they work on a big project. TaskRabbit offers so many advantages to businesses and their owners, alike.


Business crowdfunding hasn’t advanced as readily as personal patronage has — partly because blue sky laws protect the public from shady revenue requests. However, Fundable and several other such services have worked out ways of making the crowdfunding process easier than ever for companies while still protecting investors. Accordingly, business crowdfunding is poised to become one of the best ways for small businesses to raise the money they need when they need it.

No good business owner pays more for a service when he or she can have the same job done for less. Boost your own company’s efficiency by exploring these ways of cutting your costs without settling for less.

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