The 7 Most Important Elements On A Website

There are more than 1.3 billion websites on the internet right now, and this number is continuing to grow daily. You can, therefore, guarantee you will be facing much competition online, so you will need to do everything in your power to connect with your target audience and drive traffic to your site. That’s why you must add the following seven most important elements onto your website.

An Eye-Catching Headline

You will have just a few seconds to make a good first impression when a visitor lands on your website’s homepage. If they don’t like what they see at first glance, they will immediately click away and carry on with their search. You need to capture their attention on your website, which is why you must feature an eye-catching headline that quickly describes who you are and what you do. This could ultimately convince a visitor to remain on your website to see what you have to offer them.

It’s important the headline is clear and to the point. It’s also imperative you feature well-written content with zero grammar mistakes, which will reflect your company’s professionalism and commitment to detail. You can also highlight the headline using a large font, italics, bolding or an attention-grabbing color.

A User-Friendly Experience

Complex or confusing navigation will result in frustrated visitors, which can drive them away from your website. Allow them to search your website with ease by offering easy navigation so that they can make their way from A to B without hassle or fuss. Each customer needs to understand where they are on your web page design, and they must be able to discover other pages on your site easily. To do so, feature a navigation bar that’s easy for visitors to understand so that they won’t give up out of confusion or frustration.

Clear Sales Content

Website copy will not only help you to rank in the search engines, but it will allow you to promote your goods or services to a potential customer online. You must carefully write content that accurately describes the products without misrepresentation, and it should also highlight the key benefits of buying the item. Create trustworthy, descriptive and dependable copy that will convince people to make a purchase, and try to write content that will lead them towards making a purchase on your website.

SEO Strategies

You cannot build a website and pray visitors will arrive on your landing pages. You must take a proactive approach to promoting your website online, especially in the search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is, therefore, an integral website element you must not overlook, as it could be the difference between a reliable stream of traffic and zero visits to your site. Find out more about the best WordPress SEO practices for beginners.

Clear Call to Actions

Do you want to increase your conversion rate dramatically? You must feature call-to-actions (CTAs) on your website. For example, anchor text CTAs can reportedly increase a site’s conversion rate over 100%. It has also been reported that making a call-to-action appear like a button can boost clicks by 45%. So, if you have yet to add a CTA to your website, now is the time to do so. Feature call-to-actions such as “click here now” or “find out more.”

High-Quality, Relevant Images

Are you aware the average person can get distracted within 8 seconds? Maintain a visitor’s interest on your website by featuring high-quality images, so you can continue to capture their attention. It is an effective tactic, as 81% of people will skim the content on your website, so visuals can help to communicate your products, services, branding, and personality quickly. For this reason, you must feature high-quality, relevant images that reflect both your branding and the page, which could potentially boost your online sales.

An About Us Page

Many websites underestimate the importance of the About Us page, but it is the best way to communicate with your visitors online. This is the one place on your website where you can provide information regarding your website, business, staff, company history, and smart goals. It will also highlight your tone of voice, brand’s personality, and mission statement. You should also feature photographs of both yourself and your staff, which can humanize your brand and confirm a visitor will do business with real people, which can encourage trust in your website or business.

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