Exciting Jenny Craig Franchise Opportunities For Fit Entrepreneurs


Jenny Craig is a world-wide know brand for weight loss and management company that offers attractive business opportunities. With relatively low financial risk, you can own a Jenny Craig franchise and start helping people live healthier by losing weight and improving their nutrition. While the investment can be financially worthwhile, only you can decide if this franchise investment is right for you.

Tailor Made Fitness And Nutrition

Established in 1983 by the husband and wife duo, Sidney and Jenny Craig, the weight loss company takes care of your complete fitness needs. Starting with your daily requirements for nutrients, each program of the company is tailor-made to meet your nutritional, fitness and emotional goals. It all starts with a consultation with an expert, who chalks out the perfect plan for you to suit your lifestyle and goals. The proper guidance and counseling allows customers to improve their mind and body overall.

Best Diet Overall

If you are unsure about the plan’s credibility, the Jenny Craig diet is actually ranked 8th in the best diets overall category, according to U.S News &World Report Health survey. It is no wonder people like Queen Latifah and Jason Alexander endorse their products. Additionally, you can also get a feel of how the program works by checking out their pre-made programs available online. This certainly helps the case that the franchise costs will be worth it.

Start Improving Lives Now

Instead of creating your own weight loss and management program, investing in a Jenny Craig franchise gives you the resources to start improving lives almost immediately. With a little over $400,000 a year, you could have an award winning weight loss franchise up and running. Of course, you may consider cheaper alternatives to Jenny Craig Inc. but the brand and support may not be the same.

Try It For Yourself

The Jenny Craig Inc franchise business is attractive for individuals who believe in the program. Before investing in the diet and weight loss franchise, it might be a good idea to try it yourself. Even if you are already in good shape, there is always room for improvement, just as there is with a good credit score. Starting out as a customer would allow you to see if you really believe in the company or not. Of course, if you really like the personal attention and guidance provided at Jenny Craig, you can apply to open your own franchise.

Award Winning Services

As mentioned above, Jenny Craig has been voted the best overall diet. But that is not the only award this fitness franchise has won. Jenny Craig has also been touted as the easiest diet to follow, and the best diet for diabetes and heart health. With awards like these, how could it be a bad idea to open a Jenny Craig franchise? The answer is, it’s not! When contemplating purchasing a franchise, name recognition is a hugely important consideration. Jenny Craig offers not just name recognition, but consumer trust. If you want clients in the diet and fitness industry, they need to trust you services. Jenny Craig’s business model has already taken care of that for you. If you want to provide award winning services so that you customers can trust you, a Jenny Craig fitness franchise fits the bill.

Still Not Sure?

If you are still unsure of whether or not a Jenny Craig franchise is the right investment for you, you can gain an inside look at the franchise agreement to be sure. The Jenny Craig franchise agreement paperwork is available online. You can peruse it at your own pace before you ever even reach out to the franchisor themselves. This will certainly help inform your decision. After all, employee contracts help professionals know what they are getting into. This way, you can be confident in your decision whether or not to invest in a Jenny Craig fitness franchise.

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