How To Deal With Jobs That Require Standing All Day

Does your job require you to stand all day? Employees who stand all day might be prone to sore feet, knees and hips. This can make in turn make it more painful to stand, making you less motivated to work. Don’t let standing all day harm your job performance. Here is a strategy for dealing with job that require standing all day.

Purchase Better Shoes

This may sound like the most obvious tip for making standing all day more comfortable, but the right shoes can make a big difference to you work life balance. Shoes that are too small can pinch your feet, making your movements even more painful. Be sure to buy a shoe that is appropriate for work and fits properly, perhaps even a little bigger. You can also buy insoles for you shoes. Good insoles can be expensive, but consider it an investment in your comfort. Better shoes or insoles can improve your standing comfort level as seen here: If you are struggling standing all day at work, start diagnosing the problem from the ground up. Your shoes may be a major culprit in your discomfort.

Stretch Often

Your muscles can get tired from standing all day, and not waking them up is a major mistake. You may feel too tired and uncomfortable to stretch, but it can help increase your blood flow and improve your discomfort over time. If you are standing all day and have limited space for activities like jumping jacks, you can still stretch every once in a while. Rest your eyes by blinking, or give your back a rest by twisting to the side. Try to touch your toes, roll your shoulders or shift your weight. These minimal movement exercises allow you to still be productive at work while stretching your muscles. Your body will thank you for the stretch.

Attend To Your Ailments

If something is hurting you from standing at your job, be sure to give it the proper attention it needs. Giving your body a break will make your workplace health and safety much better overall. Ice and heat can help aid a throbbing foot or leg. Take painkillers occasionally to reduce swelling, soak your feet in an essential oil bath or buy an inexpensive back massager to use after work. If you take care of your body, you’ll be more likely to endure the next day with less pain. Your body takes on a great load by standing all day, so give it the reward it deserves.

Upgrade Your Mattress

A job that requires standing all day may also require you to purchase a more comfortable mattress. A good mattress is the best way to recuperate your body. There are several options for workers who need specific support out of their mattress. A memory foam mattress can better contour to your body, giving it the cushion it needs to regenerate. Research types of mattresses specific to your needs. Make sure to determine if you prefer a soft or firm mattress. You should also get the pillows your prefer. A soothing night of sleep can make it more bearable to stand all day.

Practice Posture

Employees who work jobs that require standing all day often struggle with good posture. This is the most important part of staying comfortable at work. In addition to having proper business interiors, pay attention to your natural spinal curve. Notice if you press your hips forward or slump your shoulders when you get tired. The proper posture is a straight back, tucked stomach and level head. Your arms and legs should be loose, not locked. Try not to overcompensate for poor posture by arching your back too much, as that can also cause aches and pains. Watch yourself in a full-length mirror or reflection and practice good posture to make standing all day less painful.

Jobs that require standing all day can be taxing on your mind and body. Be sure to buy the right shoes for your feet and the right mattress for your sleep. These physical purchases can make a huge difference in your daily performance. You can also do small adjustments while standing at work. Remind yourself to scrunch your toes for a minute or two, and practicing standing straight. Above all, take care of your body after a long day at work. It deserves a massage and an ice pack at the end of a physically demanding day.

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