PowerPoint Presentation Expert Lee Jackson Gives Careers A Facelift

In almost every business, Microsoft Office tools are used. We have Word, Excel and of course, Powerpoint. Many others may use the likes of Access and a few other software within the very popular Microsoft suite of tools. But when it comes to presentations, PowerPoint gets the applause.


Starting in grade schools, students use the program to create presentations. Onwards, they used it in colleges too. For those who go to undergraduate business school programs, they might learn more about the nuances of slide design, communication and collaborations. After all, marketing professionals do take this to heart. In most colleges, PowerPoint is widely used and taught for the purpose of presentation. With so much education, one might wonder exactly why are so many presentations in business absolutely boring.

Looking Good For Presentations

For many of us in business, we already know the routine. You have put on your nicest clothes, prepared your information and prepared as much as you can for this presentation. But, your slides do not look amazing. To put it lightly, they just can not match with that quality suit you are wearing.

PowerPoint Surgeon

In steps Lee Jackson, a PowerPoint surgeon. As a non-medical professional, I was pretty sure surgeons do not operate on software. However, Jackson is a highly experienced motivational speaker and presentation coach with a specialty for slide design and PowerPoint excellence. In what he calls “death by PowerPoint” where slides hinder people’s presentation, Jackson believes that anyone can learn how to present well. To solve this problem, he has published his own online class, training and book materials.

And there you have it. A new type of surgery has been coined, PowerPoint surgery. For anyone who presents using PowerPoint, it is a good idea to make sure that you are not suffering from hindering presentations. With proper slide design and usage, one anyone can improve their presentation skills. Hopefully, we will all be more mindful of how we are presenting in our upcoming meetings!

But, That’s Not All

Lee Jackson may have become known because of his skills with Microsoft PowerPoint, but he is also an excellent motivational speaker. So not only can you enlist this man’s help in creating a better slideshow, he can also help you to present your slideshow creation in a more effective, engaging manner. Creating a great PowerPoint presentation is only half the battle. You should also be prepared to present the slideshow with confidence for maximum effect. If you want to learn how to create the best PowerPoint slideshows for professional use or academic purposes AND how to give the best presentation using the best slides, Lee Jackson is the man to speak with.


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