The Major Differences Between Live Streaming vs Video Conferencing

Going live has become one of the hottest trends in communication industry over recent years.  Nowadays live streaming on multiple platforms is as easy as setting up a web conference. Corporations are using various online meeting tools and conferencing platforms to connect with each other. Moreover, professionals are using these tools to connect with customers and audience members too. However, you might might be wondering if live streaming fills the same needs as video conferencing? In this article we going to take a loot at this question closer.

Video Conferencing Meetings

The video conferencing industry has seen significant growth over the years. There are complete processes and tips on how to hold effective video conferencing meetings. Companies have adopted this technology to meet virtually from anywhere. However, these meetings are limited to a certain number of participants depending on the platform. When it comes to live streaming vs video conferencing, the major difference comes in participation limits.

Live Streaming Costs

There are couple myths which has evolved around live streaming. There was a lot of voices saying that going live is super expensive and requires hiring whole team of professionals. Today, we can easily notice that live streaming is going cheaper. In the era of easy accessible internet and growing 5G standards, there is 77 percent chance that you have sufficient means to producing live video right in your pocket.

Raise Brand Awareness

This means that your chances to grow your audience are outstanding. Live streaming can make your content accessible to these people whom you wouldn’t reach without it. In fact, you are inviting as many people as you like to participate, your influence in social media is the only limit you have to deal with (and sometimes server capacity of the streaming service you choose).

Today, when consumers view almost half of all video content via mobile, most of your potential customers can easily access your live stream. Moreover video is not the only form of multimedia you can share with audience. Live streaming ( goes together with flexibility to use a variety forms of content such as text, documents, photos and other files.

Consider Sensitive Information

However live streaming can attract wider audience and getting people more engaged into your webinar sometimes you want to keep some things away from public. Going live and streaming video conference to YouTube and Facebook don’t go together with dealing with private or sensitive information. So be sure that your decision about going live will be thought through each time you make it.

Benefit From Urgency of Action

A chance to catch “limited offer” can be also an advantage that live streamed events have over regular video conferences and online meetings. Most of the webinars are recorded and shared later as “webinar-on-demand”, which means they are more accessible and less urgent than real time live events. Also live streaming makes interaction fun and seamless much more than regular webinar. By going live you can show real people standing behind your brand. That’s the way to make people check your special offer and convert them easier into paid customers.

Video Conference For Small Groups

While livestreams reach a larger audience, video conferencing works for smaller group interactions. Especially for one-on-one meetings, a video conference tool allows both parties to interact. In this type of online meeting solution, you can discuss in live time while seeing the other person’s face. Even for a small group, a video conference works better than live streaming.

To sum up live streaming can be a great way to build awareness of your brand and get high quality leads. It depends how much time you want to invest to achieve specific results. It is no doubt that live streaming can help you stand out of the crowd and can show your customers that your brand is open for innovative and up-to-date solutions. However, video conferencing works for one on one meetings where 2-way interaction is required. Plus, you can handle more sensitive information in a closed setting compared to a live broadcast. These are some of the main differences between live streaming vs video conferencing.

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