Venture Capital Investment Firm Tilts The Odds In Favor Of Entrepreneurs


Maybe you have an idea or a blossoming startup. You are now searching for funding. If you have a great idea or business plan and know the ropes, you should have no problem finding venture capital firms willing to hear your pitch. What many entrepreneurs do not know is just how perilous venture capital can be. According to Forbes magazine, nine out of ten startups will inevitably fail. Those odds have caught up to many startups, leaving high-potential entrepreneurs empty-handed. A technology company based out of Montreal, Quebec, called Momentum Ventures, is looking to change the odds in favor of entrepreneurs.

What Is Venture Capital Investment?

Before you even find out about this incredible company that has changed the game for driven entrepreneurs, you need to understand just what these types of firms do. Venture capital is the money that investors provide to entrepreneurs, like you, to fund their start-up if they feel it has long-term potential. This type of investment is incredibly common in the tech industry, where large sums of money are often needed to keep growing and improving. If you operate a start up in the tech industry and are looking to secure venture capital, Momentum Ventures is the place to start looking.

So, What Does This Mean For Entrepreneurs?

With Momentum Ventures, it means that there are alternatives to the traditional venture capital model. Aside from the astronomically high failure rate, venture capital firms tend to not provide any valuable guidance for young entrepreneurs. They do not necessarily know the ins and outs of your high-tech startup, meaning that if they are advising you, they may be giving you the wrong advice. Momentum Ventures has a veteran team that believes in teamwork. They have lived and grown up in the internet revolution, having launched their first major business in 2007.

Non-Traditional Business Model

Secondly, in an industry built on others driving innovation, it may be shocking to know that the venture capital industry has stayed relatively stagnant for the last five decades. Not since the Small Business Investment Act of 1958 has there been any major changes to the way business has been done in the industry. In fact, the overall venture capital industry has accepted the status quo, which is an environment that tolerates failure on a large scale. Momentum Ventures, and its non-traditional business building model, has led itself to a perfect record over the last 8 years.

Momentum Ventures builds winning businesses by sticking to a proven business model. This means less gambling on consumer adoption, and banking on its veteran team to out-innovate the competition. This business model has been in place for nearly a decade, with Momentum Ventures being founded in 2007. Since then, Momentum Ventures has founded seven successful businesses in seven attempts, a perfect record that is truly unique in the industry. Momentum Venture’s flagship brand, FlightHub, banks over $1.5 billion yearly, employs over 400 people, and serves over 1 million Canadians yearly.

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