9 Money Saving Tips to Help Get Your Small Business Running


Starting your own business can cause a huge drain on your finances. There always seems to be a new expense popping up, and costs may be consistently higher than you anticipated for your business’ basic necessities. Encountering higher startup costs can be frustrating, but there are some ways you can counteract this problem. One thing to do is to look for ways to lower your costs across the board. Here are nine money-saving tips to help you get your small business up and running.

1. Lease Equipment

One popular cost-cutting measure for a new company is to start with leasing equipment instead of purchasing. The reality about a new business is that it can be an uphill battle to success. Start off slow and with a lower risk to your finances with leasing your expensive equipment rather than investing in a large purchase.

2. Partner With Someone

Next, if you’re running low on funds, consider forming a partnership with a business associate or company. Make sure your potential partner has the same type of business and financial goals as you do. Your partner should also have the necessary means to help push your business through the first few months or years. Before you commit to any type of legal partnership, be sure to consult your attorney and read your contract over very carefully.

3. Use Independent Contractors

Next, consider hiring independent contractors instead of traditional salaried employees. For some organizations, it makes more sense to use the services of independent freelancers instead of on-site workers. This approach can help save your company thousands of dollars in employment taxes and payroll. Make sure your company’s structure meets the guidelines that are required to employ the use of independent contractors.

4. Lower Personal Expenses

Some business owners need to cut back on their own personal expenses before they consider starting a new venture. If you enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, you may need to cut back for a while until your company is ready and stable with a sizeable profit. There are many cases of business owners throwing their own money into the business in the beginning stages to reach the next level.

5. Hire New Graduates

Hiring new, talented graduates can also be a way to save some money for your new venture. Instead of the high salary that experienced MBA engineering employees may demand, new graduates can come on board at an entry-level pay rate, saving you money at first. As your employees start making things happen and bring success to the company, you may be able to start paying them better with your new levels of profitability.

6. Use Online Banking

Another easy way to save a few dollars is with online banking. Banking as a business can be much more expensive than personal banking. There are often higher fees and additional costs to companies that conduct a large number of transactions or deals. If you switch to a primarily online bank, you may be able to qualify for a lower rate on your business accounts. Online banks have lower operating costs, and sometimes pass on the savings to their customers.

7. Find Low Rates

Next, you’ll need to seek some financing terms for business lines of credit or large purchases at startup. Shop around for low introductory rates on business credit cards or promotional periods with lines of credit. You may even qualify for government subsidies on loans for your business, lowering your cost significantly.

8. Order Business Checks Online

When you choose a checking account for your bank, you can save time and money. First off, you can order checks online which are much cheaper. This way, you can get access to a key financial tool for your first few months of operations and save money on ordering costs. Getting business checks online helps to protect small business owners against fraud while allowing for a greater variety of design options.

9. Advertise Digitally

Many new businesses don’t start advertising right away, but if marketing is key to your success, you can start small and with little cost. Choose digital means of advertising that you run yourself, and you can save big on your promotions and campaigns. Use social media accounts to get the most out of your time and effort.

Starting a new business can be a stressful and challenging time. If you keep your mind focused on getting more for your limited budget, you could make your money go far and your company reach success.

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