5 Ways Native Video Advertising Creates New Opportunities

Native video advertising is transforming the marketing world. When it comes to social media, disruptive ads do not perform well because you must sidestep the expected. As a marketing professional, you are aware of the audience you are trying to reach on social media platforms. Your goal is to convince users to follow you, like your posts, and converse with you. Furthermore, you want them to purchase your products. In order to achieve these goals, you must engage with them. That’s where native video advertising comes in. Continue reading to discover the ways native video advertising presents new marketing opportunities.

More Relevant To Consumers

Native video advertising is a more relevant form of marketing. This specific type of ads is less repetitive and random than the typical ads on social media pages. Native video ads show up on consumers’ timelines only if they have previously viewed related content. This is particularly beneficial for marketing purposes. Imagine a consumer was just looking for a new iPhone charging case. They exit out of Google and move to Instagram. There, they find your ad for a new iPhone charging case. The likelihood of that consumer clicking on your video is very high. A negative outcome would occur if your advertisement showed up on a consumer’s timeline who doesn’t have any interest in your product. Native video advertising presents new opportunities for you through its ability to reach relevant customers.

Click-To-Play Format

Another advantageous element that native video advertising offers is a click-to-play format. While pre-roll video ads are very in-your-face, native video ads are not. On the other hand, they flow seamlessly into consumers’ timelines. If created appropriately, they appear to be organic videos on social media timelines. Rather than playing on their own, native video ads give users a choice. Your audience is able to choose whether they want to click to play the video or continue scrolling. Consumers appreciate this option and are more likely to click “play” on your video when they’re not forced into it. Therefore, you are able to engage with more consumers.

No Length Restriction

Marketing professionals deal with the struggle of cutting down videos for advertisements. In certain circumstances, the cut-down version of the videos are less engaging than the original. Therefore, cut-down videos are less successful on social media. Luckily, native video advertising does not require you to chop up your videos. Instead, they allow you to make your video ads as short or as long as you would like. Provide consumers with as much information as you see fit. With native video advertising, you are no longer limited to a particular length like in pre-roll ads. Instead, native video ads present you with the opportunity to explain at full capacity.

Long-Form Content Previews

Along with the ability to post longer video ads, native video advertising also allows you to create long-form content previews. As much as longer videos are beneficial for B2B sales, they can also be a bit overwhelming on social media feeds. Long-form content previews decrease that vibe. With this feature, you can provide your audience with a highlight. Your highlights should encourage potential consumers to watch the entire video. For example, use previews on Facebook. Imagine businessman scrolling through his Facebook timeline on his way home from work. He does not want to be forced into watching a 15-minute product video. However, he may watch a 1-minute preview clip of a longer video. Then, they can choose to be directed to the full length video. You are able to capture the attention of more consumers with this feature of native video advertising.

Emotion-Focused Videos

A common element of native video advertising is emotion. This is very different from most pre-roll ads that focus on the product. Native video ads are typically emotion-focused in order to further connect with viewers. Consider that you have the tool to reach audiences who will find your video relevant. Now, consider how you can fully engage with them and persuade them to purchase your product. The answer lies within emotional connection. Emotional triggering is very powerful in videos. With no video length restriction, marketing influencers have all the time you need to provide viewers with various emotions. Some of the best-used emotional triggers in native video advertising include joy, sadness, trust, fear, and nostalgia. The ability to use emotional triggers opens more doors for you as a marketing professional.

When it comes to marketing, native video advertising opens more doors than one on social media. The form of advertising creates more relevant ads. Its click-to-play feature is very effective. Since native video advertising does not have a length limit, you do not have to cut down your videos. You can also create long-form content previews for your lengthier ads. Lastly, you have the ability to create emotionally-driven advertisements. You are now aware of multiple marketing opportunities native video advertising presents.

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