Overcome The Wage Gap By Asking For Raises More Frequently

Although the wage gap is narrowing throughout time, it will still take close to fifty years for women to earn the same salary as their male counterparts. Nonetheless, many women are asking their bosses for the raise that they want and need. Going in to talk to your boss about a raise can be daunting and nerve racking. However, if you are a woman who needs a raise and wants to ask for one, simply keep these ideas in mind as you prepare.

You Deserve It

Giving you a raise will seem like an obvious choice when you go in armed with a list of your accomplishments and achievements in your position. Without bragging, state the milestones you’ve achieved and why you deserve you believe to be compensated for them. Being lazy or under achieving is never a good way to show your value and get invited to corporate luxury retreats. Going in to ask for a raise right after the completion of a big project you took the lead on, or the closing of a big deal, is a great lead in to you being a deserving candidate.

Know Your Information

Knowing the facts can only help your cause. Do some research on what both males and females with your title earn. If you are in a rare or specific job, break down your tasks and compare them to other fields of work. Moreover, you can explain the cost of living in your area if you are not being compensated properly. Having a specific number in mind and expressing it will keep you from continuing to be undervalued.

Asking For A Raise

The most effective way to get a raise, is to ask for a raise. Most of the time, just asking is enough to prompt a higher salary. Women have a much harder time asking for raises than men do, but are equally as successful in getting them. Know that most attempts at getting a raise are successful, and you are equally as deserving of financial compensation for your work. Go in expecting a positive end result, exuding confidence only helps your chances.

Hold Managers Accountable

The law is on your side. Equal pay laws are in place, regardless of being truly effective or not. If you truly believe that you are being discriminated against, know that there are resources out there to help you. Feel free to reach out to experts in the field for tips, tricks, or even legal advice.

Presentation Matters…A Lot

Present yourself as a confident and able worker is much easier if you have prepared properly. In addition, you should dress appropriately for the meeting either business casual attire or formal dress (depending on your company code). Knowing the statistics and facts are great, but know that your employer may throw any question at you. Get to know your boss, and you have a much better chance of anticipating what they may expect from you before proceeding.

Asking for a raise can be anxiety provoking, but you should be even more concerned with never reaching your full earning potential. Women are less likely to ask, and therefore less likely to receive. Even if your boss rejects your request, use that response as a chance to ask what you can do to improve your performance and be considered for a raise in the future. The wage gap is a statistic, but you are an individual who holds your own future in your hands.

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