5 Ideas For Real Estate Drip Campaigns To Target Leads

When real estate firms launch automated emails for marketing purposes, they boost their profits. These types of campaigns are known as real estate drip campaigns. As a real estate agent, you may not have much experience in the email marketing department. Fortunately, creating a drip campaign is not as difficult as it seems. Plus, they yield great results for firms. They enable you to stay in touch with your leads, allowing you to close more deals. Read this post to discover the top ideas for real estate drip campaigns.

Categorize Your Contacts

Before launching a real estate drip campaign, categorize your contacts. Separate your sellers from your buyers. This is crucial to email marketing success because your sellers and your buyers both want different content. Moreover, notice the differences within your seller and buyer groups. Make your automated emails even more targeted by segmenting further. Your buyer category may consist of first-time homebuyers and current homeowners moving out of state. Give both types of leads what they need to succeed by placing them into their own categories. If you use this idea in your real estate drip campaigns, you will engage with your leads more effectively.

Create Intriguing Subject Lines

Another highly effective idea for real estate drip campaigns is to use intriguing subject lines. When real estate agents use boring subject lines, their recipients do not open their emails. They prefer to spend their time reading emails that catch their eye right from the first thing they see: the subject line. Avoid mimicking your competitor’s subject lines. Be as original as possible to create brand differentiation. That way, you will keep your subject lines fun and different, allowing your emails to stand out in your leads’ inboxes. Use unique subject lines in your real estate drip campaigns to attract your contacts.

Write Welcoming Intros

Additionally, write welcoming intros to continue intriguing buyers and sellers after they open your emails. While you do not need to write a lengthy greeting in each automated email you send during a drip campaign, brief welcomes make buyers and sellers feel appreciated. When they receive an email, they do not want to be hit with information right away. Ease them into what your email holds. Welcome your contacts and then lead them into your content by telling them what to expect in the rest of the email. If you set your intros up properly, more leads will engage with your real estate drip campaigns.

Provide Newsworthy Information

Prospective home buyers appreciate newsworthy information in emails as well. For this reason, real estate agents stay up-to-date on the local news. Then, they have more to offer their buyer list during real estate drip campaigns. Keep up with news involving not only the housing market, but also the factors that affect living in the area. These factors include school districts, restaurants and even recreational activities. Provide your contacts with newsworthy information during real estate drip campaigns. Then, you will stand out among your competition and target your leads more effectively.

Send How-To Emails

Furthermore, successful real estate agents send how-to emails with the best contact manager app. They usually send these types of emails to their past clients as a friendly, helpful way to stay in touch. After all, you need to stay in touch with your past clients if you want them to hire you the next time they move. Some beneficial how-to’s to offer your past clients include “how-to renovate your new home” and “how-to furnish your dining room”. Give your clients tips on how they can improve the home you just sold to them during your real estate drip campaigns. This is yet another idea that can enable you to close more deals.

Whether you have experience in the marketing field or not, you can launch real estate drip campaigns successfully. Start by separating your contact list into more specific groups. Then, write intriguing subject lines to hook your contacts right from the start. Continue to intrigue them after they open your emails by writing quality intros. Include newsworthy information in your drip campaign emails. Another promising idea to consider using is to send how-to emails. Use these ideas for real estate drip campaigns to target your leads effectively.

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