4 Reasons Why Bike Sharing Works For Business

Following the example of companies such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, bike-sharing programs are gaining traction, and for good reason. These programs bring several benefits to employees, help businesses, and create greener cities. Once businesses implement these bike sharing programs, positive results aren’t too far behind. Explore the following four reasons why bike sharing can work for businesses.

Bike Sharing Saves Travel Time

Employees who drive to work every day often face morning and afternoon traffic jams and, depending on where they work, also have to find the ever-elusive parking spaces. If they work for a large company, sometimes moving between campuses can take a great deal of time.

Bike sharing eliminates most of these problems. Instead of walking from one building to the other, or waiting for a shuttle, workers can quickly ride from place to place and waste no time. If they live near the office, they can also ride to and from work, without being held up in traffic.

Employees Become Healthier

Healthy and motivated employees bring a positive atmosphere to the work environment. Research shows that cycling to work increases productivity, so companies benefit directly from these programs.

Sometimes, business professionals don’t have time to exercise or simply don’t like spending time inside the gym. Riding to work solves both of these problems. More often than not, employees tend to ride together, and this bond becomes reflected in the workplace.

Bikes Reduce Transportation Costs

One of the immediate benefits of riding a bike to work is the amount of money an employee can save. Whether they take public transportation or drive to the office, travel can quickly become expensive, especially when you add taxes, maintenance, insurance, and gas purchases each month.

Some businesses help their employees by providing discounted memberships for bike-sharing programs, where you can rent a bike for a short time, picking it up from one point and dropping it off at another. Participants simply need to use a convenient mobile app to unlock the bikes and start riding. Bike sharing can be a solution for companies that don’t want to buy bikes and prefer to outsource the service offering.

Bike Sharing Is an Eco-Friendly Practice

If more people choose to ride their bikes to work, then fewer cars will be on the road. As a result, traffic jams become shorter and air pollution can decrease. If anything, cities themselves can become better places to live.

Another unexpected benefit is that people tend to expand the eco-friendly mindset into other areas of their lives. They tend to eat more healthy foods like frozen yogurt and make sure recycling bins are in their offices and at home. We think the planet will express its gratitude for these actions.

Who would have thought that a bike-sharing program could bring so many benefits? You can easily see why these programs are becoming popular. As soon as they’re implemented, people, cities, and businesses can become better and more attractive places to live and work. What’s not to like about those benefits?

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