5 Reasons Why Top 500 Internet Retail Companies Prefer Magento

WordPress is famous but when it comes to ecommerce stores, one out of four businesses choose Magento. Statistics show that Magento is one of the top 3 providers to the top 500 retail companies worldwide. So why do top 500 internet retail businesses prefer using Magento? If your ecommerce store is powered by WordPress (or any other platform), are you missing something? Here are five reasons why Magento is the first ecommerce choice of the top companies and ecommerce stores.

It’s Open Source

The Magento Community Edition is free. Anyone can install, alter, and tweak it. There are no restrictions. This makes Magento quite flexible. The way how you can use Magento for your ecommerce store has no limits. Use it the way you like. Besides, there are Magento extensions that will supercharge your store. There are free as well as premium extensions that are available on Magento Connect, the official marketplace.

Ecommerce Specific

Magento is built for ecommerce. Period. WordPress and Drupal are also open source CMS’s but they are not specifically made for ecommerce stores. This is one solid reason why businesses and online stores prefer Magento vs WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce. No matter what you do, WordPress cannot beat Magento in terms of ecommerce functionality. For instance, catalog browsing, product browsing, payment gateways, and customer accounts are some of the key Magento features that make it a better ecommerce platform than its counterparts.


Magento is scalable to any extent. Fortune 500 companies use it, and at the same time, small businesses featuring a couple products are also using Magento. You can use it the way you like. You can start low and eventually, your business will grow. This is what happens with most of the businesses. If you are on Magento, you can stick to it without having to switch the platform. You can even switch to WordPress or any other CMS from Magento. It is quite easy. Magento is flexible and doesn’t impose any restrictions on its users.

Smooth Integration

Running an ecommerce is impossible without using a whole lot of third-party platforms, websites, and tools such as payment gateways, banks, inventory management tools, suppliers, etc. Magento supports easy desktop and mobile payment processing integration with hundreds of third-party tools and websites. It has built-in support for Google Analytics, Checkout, and others. This makes the life of businesses and their developers easy because they do not have to struggle finding and/or developing APIs for their stores. You get everything packed with the Magento download.

Superior Performance

Search engines, especially Google, rank websites in search results on the basis of website performance and how user-friendly it is. A website with better page load speed will outperform websites having poor page load speed. Magento outperforms other platforms in terms of ecommerce performance elements including page speed, processing time, and other performance parameters. For instance, Magento uses Varnish and DB optimization techniques for caching making your ecommerce store load faster in user’s browsers.

These are some of the few reasons why Magento is the most used ecommerce platform by top one million websites outperforming many others. It is time to use Magento to create your ecommerce store. No matter what you do, do not ignore Magento.

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