4 Tips To Recruit And Retain An Awesome Sales Team

When it comes to hiring and keeping the best possible talent, it is important to do more than check out a few dozen resumes and conduct generic interviews. Just as your potential new hires should be selling themselves and their skills to you, you should also be doing the same for your company. In order to help improve your recruiting process and also keep your stellar new sales force for as long as you can, check out the following ideas:

Work on Your Brand Online

Social media and online platforms are great ways to communicate your company’s core mission, brand values and purpose. They are also great ways to attract top talent and correct misconceptions potential applicants may have. According to a 2016 Glassdoor survey, 61 percent of those surveyed said they seek company reviews and ratings before making a decision to apply for a job. Sixty-two percent said their perception of a company improves when employers reply to reviews and take accountability. By teaching your leadership teams how to handle online company profiles, you’ll earn a well-deserved reputation as a great place to work, which will in turn lead qualified applicants to come to you, not vice versa.

Get The Word Out

Great candidates do not sit around that long before they are hired; if you are interested in a potential new hire, act as quickly as you can. Follow up with the candidate, especially if you have not made your final decision yet, and reply right away to any questions or concerns he or she may have. In order to keep up with applicants and get the word out about new positions, consider using a staffing app. For example, recruiting platforms with HR analytics that allow you to search for, research, hire and track possible job candidates. You can also use Twitter to post available and upcoming positions as often as you’d like, and don’t forget to include any trending #jobsearch hashtags.

Be ‘Perk’y

Another effective way to entice top talent to your company is to offer great perks. For example, if your team tends to be on their phones for a large portion of the day, entice potential hires by offering a new smartphone as part of a signing bonus. The thought of using an intelligent S Pen to take notes on the Samsung Galaxy Note8’s infinity screen during meetings may be the determining factor when it comes down to choosing your company’s job offer or the competition’s. In addition to salary, prospective employees care about the perks.

Give A Great Interview

If you have been asking the same old interview questions for years, it is probably time to freshen up your approach. Also, to attract the top talent, make sure that you are not appearing rushed or bored during the interview. Encourage the applicants to ask questions about the position and company — and be ready with honest and thorough replies. This will leave a positive impression in their mind and contribute to retaining employees in the long run. To be sure you are getting the best person for the sales job, ask questions that will go beyond basic experience and pay attention to whether or not the applicant seems motivated to work for your company.

Hire the Cream of the Crop

Give these tips a try, and your company will soon stand out among the competition as a business with a strong brand that offers some amazing perks to its new employees. By staying on top of reviews, staying in touch with your top applicants and updating your interview questions, you are more likely to hire the best sales force employees possible.

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