5 Ways To Reward Yourself After Experiencing Success

Being an entrepreneur and owning your own small business start up is hard work. It involves year after year of long, endless hours. It can be hard to peel yourself away from work when you finally experience success, but you should celebrate! When all that hard work pays off and you’re finally making the money you have worked so hard for, you should treat yourself.

Having a hard time figuring out what to spend your money on? After all, when you’ve spent so much time looking for ways to save, it can be hard to finally write a frivolous check! Here are a few ideas that will work, no matter what your budget.

Get That Dream Car

A great car has always been the mark of success. Why not make it your mark too?

Look into buying, storing, and insuring a Lamborghini, if you really want to treat yourself, but any new car will do. Maybe you have always bought used cars in the past, and treating yourself simply means driving a brand-new vehicle off the lot.

It doesn’t have to be a car either! Any vehicle can be a great way to reward yourself for all of your hard work. Maybe you finally get that Harley you have always dreamed of, or you get a speedboat so you can have a little fun on the water.

Don’t want to spend the money on a car or a boat? Save a little money and consider renting a fancy car for a road trip or a boat for a weekend on the lake.

Take A Vacation

Speaking of road trips, taking a vacation can be a great way to treat yourself when you finally experience success. With enough success, you could find yourself on a yacht in Italy, but your vacation meaning doesn’t have to be fancy in order to be fun.

Long trips are great, but so are short trips. There are a ton of weekend getaway ideas all over the United States, so you can bet there is one near where you live. It’s all about creating a vacation experience that appeals to you.

Revamp Your Wardrobe

If you spend hour after hour working on your business, you probably haven’t had any time to go shopping. You’re probably also wearing the same clothes, and if you were on a budget, those clothes may not be very high quality.

Have a little fun and go shopping! Revamp your wardrobe and invest in essentials that you may have been putting off. For example, you may decide it’s time to splurge on a luxury suit, or maybe you want to purchase a few pairs of quality heels that you can actually stand to wear without having to take them off underneath your desk.

Finally Do That Home Update

Home updates can be expensive and time consuming. Not to mention, most entrepreneurs spend more time in the office than they do at home! However, with success comes more cash and a little bit more free time, so it may be time to consider a home update.

A few home update ideas include:

  • Get that granite countertop you have always wanted
  • Ditch the acrylic in the bathroom and install a tile shower
  • Add an addition to give your family more space
  • Design a new home office for productivity
  • Add a porch, deck, or a sunroom
  • Install an in-ground pool in the backyard

An update doesn’t necessarily mean modifying where you live currently. It could mean moving into a more spacious apartment, buying a condo, or finally building your dream home.

Little Things Count Too!

Cars, houses, and vacations are all great ways to reward yourself for years of hard work but don’t think you have to drive a Lamborghini or vacation in Italy in order to treat yourself. The little things count too!

As a matter of fact, in many cases, it’s the little things that can keep you going day-in and day-out, so don’t discount them as a way of celebrating if you don’t have, or don’t want to spend, thousands of dollars on a personal reward. Buy yourself some flowers on the way home from work, carve out time in your schedule to take that class you have always wanted to take or pay to take your friends to brunch on Sunday morning.

If you have worked hard to build a business, you deserve a little bit of a break when you finally experience success. No matter what your budget, you’ll find a way to reward yourself with the ideas on this list!

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