How To Run A Facebook Contest To Build Brand Awareness

Facebook plays a very significant role in content marketing. It’s a social media application that is continuously thriving. This makes it an ideal platform for marketing. One way to market on Facebook is through contests. It is one way to get more Facebook likes.  As a marketing professional, this is something you should consider. Here, you’ll discover how to run a Facebook contest to build brand awareness.

Research The Rules

The first thing you need to do is research the rules of hosting a Facebook contest. Do this before even considering the specifics of the contest. There are many rules that you will have to read through to ensure that you don’t get yourself and the company you work for into any legal trouble. Facebook considers a contest a promotion. You will have to follow the regulations and requirements administered by Facebook when holding a contest on the platform. This is the first and most important step you must take toward running a Facebook contest to build brand awareness.

Set A Goal To Increase Follower Count

If you’re trying to build brand awareness, you should set the goal for your Facebook contest accordingly. Make your goal to increase your follower count. Meeting goals and targets are some of the marketer traits that make your brand successful. The more followers your brand has, the more people are aware of your brand. When developing a plan for your contest, revolve all elements around this goal. This will help to ensure that you will create a successful Facebook contest.

Choose A Prize

One of the most important aspects of a Facebook contest is the prize. You must come up with a prize that your followers and potential followers will really want. The prize is the persuader. Make sure that the prize encourages people to compete in the contest and portrays your brand simultaneously. Examples of good prizes for a clothing company to give away would be a piece of their clothing and coupons. Make sure that your prize emphasizes your brand. It can even persuade those who do not win your contest to buy from the company. Choosing a relevant prize is very important when running a Facebook contest to build your brand.

Target Your Audience

If you want your Facebook contest to be a successful marketing strategy, you must target your audience. If you’re unable to get your audience’s attention with your contest, you won’t be able to succeed. Your brand will not grow. You must target individuals and/or companies who have purchased your products before. Grab the attention of those who have taken an interest in brands similar to yours. You can get several small business advertising ideas from your competition. Expand upon your current audience by simply targeting it. This will intrigue similar audience members. Discover how to this through researching your audience and potential audience members. This will lead to a Facebook contest that builds brand awareness.

Promote The Contest

It can be difficult to get the attention your contest deserves on Facebook. It is, after all, a very large and diverse social media application. Help it get the maximum attention through promotions on other marketing platforms. If your brand sends out regular newsletters, throw the contest in those newsletters. Talk about the contest on other social media applications and include links to the Facebook page. Advertise it on your company’s website. There are so many opportunities for you to engage customers through other marketing platforms. This is essential to building brand awareness through a Facebook contest.

Content marketing through Facebook contests is exciting. It’s fun for customers and can really drive people to your brand. There are many things to consider when creating a successful Facebook contest. First, you absolutely have to research the rules. Then, you must make your goal to get more followers. Pick a prize that is relevant to both your brand and your audience. With that in mind, make sure that every aspect of your contest targets your audience. Advertise your Facebook contest on other marketing platforms. These tips show you how to run a Facebook contest to build brand awareness.

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