4 Safety Precautions For Construction Employees Operating Boom Lifts

In the United States, there are over 5,000 fatal construction site accidents each year. If you are the owner of a construction business, keeping your workers safe should be something you are passionate about. Providing your team with quality and safe equipment is easy when working with a supplier like Budget Boom Lift Rental. The companies who specialize in renting things like boom lifts work hard to address any issues their machines have to ensure they are safe to work on. Operating a boom lift successfully is easy when following these considerations.

Putting The Right Employees On These Machines

The first thing you need to do before putting an employee on a boom lift is to assess their skill level and train them. Before you decide an employee is right for this operator position, you need to find out more about the experience they have. Allowing an employee to operate a boom lift while you are watching is a great way to find out about the experience they have.

Once an employee has demonstrated their skills, you can provide them with additional workplace health and safety training before turning them loose on their own. The more information you are able to give team members regarding how to properly operate these machines, the easier you will find it to prevent accidents.

Always Wear Protective Equipment

Having the right safety equipment on can help to minimize the damage done during a boom lift accident. While no business owner ever wants these accidents to occur, being prepared for them is a must. Making sure the employees who are operating boom lifts wear things like hard hats, steel-toe boots and safety glasses is important.

These important pieces of safety equipment will offer your team members protection from things like run-ins with steel beams or falling debris. You need to also prohibit employees from wearing long clothing or loose-fitting wear while on a boom lift. The excess material may get caught in the hydraulic portion of the boom lift and cause injuries.

Inspect The Boom Lift Before Operation

Getting your workers in the habit of inspecting the boom lift before operating it can help to prevent problems. There are a variety of cords, chains and pulleys that are used to make a boom lift operate. Looking at these vital components before operating the lift can help a person spot repair issues.

Taking a good look at the wheels and casters on the lift is also a good idea. If the wheels appear to be deflated, you will have to get them fixed before operating this piece of machinery. Failing to do so can lead to the lift tipping over and injuring the workers you employ.

Capacity Limits Have To Be Followed

Another important thing to find out before jumping on any construction equipment is the capacity limit. Most boom lift manufacturers will have tags on their machines that detail the amount of weight they can carry. Knowing the capacity of your boom lift can help you prevent accidents.

While properly preparing your employees for operating heavy equipment will be time-consuming, it is well worth the effort. By teaching them the proper way to operate these helpful machines, you can keep workplace accidents to a minimum.

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