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Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Sawgrass Asset Management is a well-reputed, registered investment advisor, fully owned by employees. Since its inception, Sawgrass Asset Management has continuously expanded its area of expertise, providing comprehensive investment management services to clients. The established investment management firm mainly serves corporate accounts, banking or institutions and investment companies. In addition, Sawgrass Asset Management extends its services to government, endowment and municipal retirement accounts.

Even individuals can take advantage of  the customized equity, fixed income and balanced portfolio services the company offers. Sawgrass Asset Management has launched equity mutual funds, benefiting the individual clients. What’s more, the asset management firm offers a number of other profitable investment products. In order to help you comprehend the diverse services it offers, this post explores the different services by Sawgrass Asset Management.

Unique Vision Of Success

The primary mission of Sawgrass Asset Management is to assist clients satisfactorily in achieving their investment goals. This respected investment management firm envisions success as exceeding the expectations of clients. In order to support the investment goals of clients, Sawgrass Asset Management acquires investment resources at the right time. No doubt, operating as an independent investment group has afforded it the flexibility to make quick business decisions.

Focused Operations Strategy

Despite being at the summit of success, Sawgrass Asset Management still holds meetings at the beginning of a week, clarifying client service goals. The firm holds a monthly Partners’ meeting with all its equity holders to discuss important matters like new business opportunities and organizational goals. Then, partners of this respected investment management firm attend quarterly strategic sessions, discussing mid and long term firm initiatives. Strongly committed to deliver superior investment management services, Sawgrass Asset Management continuously reviews their organizational strategies. As a result, the company is usually on the right track to achieving best possible returns for client investments.

Wide Range Of Investment Products

With the aim of helping clients earn profits, Sawgrass Asset Management maintains a diversified investment portfolio. By combining outstanding investment vehicles and innovative strategies, this investment management firm consistently delivers return on clients’ investments. Some of Sawgrass Asset Management’s various investment products are the following:

  • Focused Growth Equity: To offer significant value through different market cycles, Sawgrass Asset Management conducts qualitative analysis of thousands of stocks. In the next step, the reputed firm uses fundamental analysis methods, narrowing down best ideas portfolios. In addition, the fifteen to twenty stocks selected as Focused Growth Equity are rebalanced quarterly, delivering better returns.
  • Diversified Large Growth Equity: Since its inception, the Diversified Large Growth equity has followed a well defined investment philosophy. On top of that, the company’s unique approach ensures stable earning patterns. Plus, the Diversified Large Growth equity concentrates on companies with higher earning potential than their peer groups. As a consequence, clients receive above average stock appreciation potential.
  • Small Cap Growth Equity: The Small Cap Growth Equity focuses on domestic stocks with greater earning potential. The company’s in depth fundamental research improves the structure of disciplined investments. Their ability to identify small companies with incredible growth momentum makes its Small Cap Growth Equity a profitable investment vehicle.
  • High Quality Core Fixed Income: Primarily, Sawgrass Asset Management’s High Quality Core Fixed Income investment manages the duration of investment grade securities. It conducts strategic sector evaluations and specific security analysis. Managed according to the Barclays Capital US Aggregate Index, the High Quality Core Fixed Income’s average maturity is 6 to 12 years.
  • Short Term Fixed Income: With an effective duration of 2-3 years, Sawgrass Asset Management’s Short Term Fixed Income utilizes stringent quality screening methods. It applies advanced sector allocation and security selection to deliver high returns. Surely, this is an option for specialized investors.

There are many reasons to choose Sawgrass Asset Management as your investment management partner. You will be surprised to know that its investment group has worked together over 20 years. Quite naturally, they work in synergy, devising effective investment strategies. Above all, Sawgrass Asset Management always gives priority to clients’ investment goals, returning substantial profits.

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