These Smart Drugs Are Changing The Business Landscape

Gathering resources is always competitive. Our hunter gatherer ancestors used to fight tribal wars over land with food and water. Even today, accumulating resources is competitive between nations and individuals. There is no place where this is on display than the business world.

In such a competitive world, it is no wonder people are looking for an edge wherever they can get one. The most recent evidence of this is through “smart drugs” (also known as nootropics), which are chemical compounds that can improve cognitive performance in the near and long term.

These drugs are often natural herbs, but also synthetic compounds and prescription pills that can drastically increase focus and concentration or even memory and learning ability. These smart drugs are taking the business performance world by storm because they allow intelligent and hardworking people to achieve even more with the limited time in a day.

Essential Smart Drugs for Any Business

Everyone interested in smart drugs and nootropics should seek to understand the basics first. Here are a few of the first nootropics we would suggest:

#1. Sulbutiamine – despite the odd sounding name (which will be the case for most smart drugs!), sulbutiamine is quite harmless and useful. The main benefits of sulbutiamine are increased focus, concentration, and reduced fatigue.

There are millions of hardworking people who become fatigued after only a few hours, which not only hurts cognitive performance, but is just draining in general. Working long hours doesn’t have to be as tiring with the use of sulbutiamine. The biggest advantage is that sulbutiamine is a way of improving thiamine (vitamin B1) levels in the brain in an efficient manner.

Instead of changing the brain too much, sulbutiamine helps provide the raw materials and healthy ingredients we usually don’t get enough of when working on our business project.

#2. Modafinil – another common drug, modafinil is considered one of the most effective smart drugs on the market. In fact, it is commonly considered the inspiration for the “Limitless pill” that many people find in the movie Limitless. Although this product is fictional, there are many who swear by modafinil.

The reason is that modafinil improves focus and concentration, but also creativity and memory. It’s one of the few drugs that people use for both creativity and for focus (which are often the most important skills for business success). The only problem is that modafinil is so powerful, it can sometimes come with side effects.

#3. Piracetam – the grandfather of all the nootropics and smart drugs is called piracetam. Another odd name, this drug is a memory enhancer developed in the 1960s and one of the most powerful drugs for improving aspects of memory.

In any business setting, learning the tricks of the trade or specific skills is of the utmost importance. Piracetam helps to achieve that, but also does much more. There aren’t many studies on using piracetam for anxiety relief, but much of the community online discusses this benefit.

In a business situation where networking and connecting with other colleagues is important, using piracetam to reduce social anxiety and be more outgoing could be a boon for your venture.

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