Pick An SMS Marketing Strategy To Create Successful Campaigns

The average person checks their mobile phone over 20 times per day. Certain generations consider texting as their number one mode of communication. Moreover, almost everyone you know has a cell phone. So, why don’t businesses use SMS marketing more? In order to tap into the full marketing potential of mobile devices, marketing professionals utilize text messages. A strong SMS strategy offers increased exposure, brand awareness and customer feedback.

Customer Engagement Strategy

Your SMS marketing can keep your customers engaged. If a customer has not been responsive in a long while, then a simple text message will test their engagement. Since most SMS texts are opened within just a few minutes of being received, it is a great way to get a response quickly. Just ensure that you message offers a big deal like 50% off your next purchase. Otherwise, your engagement rates will be low anyways. Your strategy should be strong enough to engage buyers who might have forgotten about your business after some time.

Combine Email And SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing don’t have to be rivals. They can work together to create higher open rates and more conversions. Even though both email messages and texts go to customers’ phones, you can build off of both campaigns. For example, you send out an email marketing blast. Then, follow up the email with an SMS message for an additional 10% off the email promotion. The additional incentive calls attention to the email and gives more reason to take action. Obviously, there would be a higher chance for sales when both marketing channels are used to complement each other.

Keep It Exclusive…And Personal

Customers must opt-in to a SMS marketing campaign. Thus, an exclusive strategy shows how much you care about their personal devices and direct text messages. Send only the most critical messages that people will be grateful for. This can be a big contest, giveaway or rare retail investor opportunity. If you can keep it exclusive, your campaigns will succeed to overcome people’s personal text messaging concerns.

Triggered SMS Strategy

Additionally, SMS marketing strategies can rely on triggers. To implement this strategy, a text message should be sent whenever a trigger occurs. Effectively, the trigger can be anything from an e-verify application sign up, customer sale or duration of inactivity. An SMS strategy based on triggers can be fully automated. Thus, be careful and do not SPAM your customers’ phones. Use these triggered SMS messages wisely. Your customers will appreciate the consistent and appropriately timed marketing messages.

Integrate Local Advertising

When running your local ad campaigns, incorporate your SMS marketing into the mix. The next time your marketing department creates new graphics, include your SMS short code. Then, you can reinforce the advertisement effectiveness and follow up with customers who have seen your local ads. Moreover, the team can segment local customers. Send them specialized messages specific to their area. Finally, give them unique messages that increase the effectiveness of your local advertising. This strategy can increase your ROI on SMS marketing as well as local ad campaigns.

A professional’s overall SMS marketing can have a dramatic impact on any business. It is up to you to take advantage of the massive reach of text messages. Create an effective SMS strategy for increased engagement and loyalty. If possible, combine your strategy with other marketing messages and campaigns. Your SMS marketing strategy should fit into the bigger picture of your efforts to yield the most successful campaign results.

Image from https://www.onlinemarketinginstitute.org/blog/2017/08/get-the-most-from-sms-marketing-with-this-periodic-table/

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