A Snapchat Marketing Guide To Earn Media Attention

The best marketing departments know that adopting new platforms early on could give them a considerable advantage over the competition. Not too long ago, snapchat was that platform, attracting thousands of additional impressions for brands. As a marketing specialist, it’s not too late to start your snapchat marketing efforts. Respectively, the platform is still young and growing. There is plenty of opportunity to grow your brand. Follow this guide to marketing on snapchat and you will be able to earn advertising for free through this social media platform.

Start Sharing Images

In the beginning, you can get started marketing on snapchat by uploading images of your company or brand. If you already have a blog online, you can reuse the licensed images (as long as you have permission to do so) and post them to your snapchat account. Before uploading the image, you can have a virtual employee add text, quotes or headlines to help the image get more attention. This is a simple, quick and easy way to get your snapchat marketing profile started.

Connect With Your Existing Customers

Odds are, many of your brand’s customers are already on snapchat. If you let your customers know that you are on snapchat, they might follow your account. While building up your audience on snapchat, you can follow your current customers and leaders in your industry. At a local level, you could connect with people in the community who could buy your products or services. Since the platform isn’t too overcrowded yet, snapchat following and connections could be a great way to spread awareness.

Tell Genuine Stories About The Brand

Once you have a decent following, connect with your customers by telling stories. You probably already know that brand building is all about story telling and getting people to create an emotional connection with your company. Follow this same philosophy when you are marketing on snapchat. In the age of the customer, your posts should be about something that people can relate to rather than a promotional post. In order to get the best engagement, ensure that your snapchat campaigns tell a story.

Partner With Snapchat Influencers

Another way to increase your snapchat marketing effectiveness, partner with influencers on the platform. If they are willing to endorse your products or mention your snapchat profile, it could be mean thousands of new followers for your brand. More so, it could lead to direct business and increased cash flow for the company. By tapping into the networks of snapchat influencers, you could grow your following very rapidly.

Practice Patience While Marketing On Snapchat

While it could take some time to build up a quality profile, snapchat marketing should be a long term investment. You should focus on continuously updating the quality of your content and connection with followers. It is a gradual process that can eventually lead to a large pay off. However, you have to be patient. Once you have put in the upfront work, you will find that your photos and videos receive much more traffic. Then, one day, you will have your first viral post. When it happens, it will have been worth the wait.

It’s a marketers job to leverage platforms to grow brand awareness and identity. If you would like to get started marketing on snapchat, follow this guide. You should start simple, uploading images to your account. Then, start to connect with your current customers and tell a story. After a while, you should be ready to leverage connections with influencers. Eventually, your snapchat marketing will lead to viral content to earn free media attention.

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