How To Start A Window Cleaning Business

Many entrepreneurs know that they want to be their own bosses, but struggle to choose what industry they want to enter. Contrary to popular belief, the window cleaning industry offers great opportunities. In fact, the global cleaning services industry is expected to grow over 6%. Since this business does not take too much startup capital, it makes it accessible for hard working people to get started on their own. As an entrepreneur yourself, you should consider this option, especially if you know any landlords who could use your services. Continue reading to learn how to start a window cleaning business.

Choose A Legal Structure

In order to start a window cleaning business, you need to first choose a legal structure. Popular options include limited liability company (LLC), sole proprietorship and partnership. These structures’ rules and regulations differ. For instance, starting an LLC will allow you to file for taxes differently than other types of legal entities. Hence, you cannot begin running your business without deciding on a legal structure and registering your company. Look into the details of each option to choose the structure that is right for you. Then, you will be one step closer to starting your own window cleaning business.

Come Up With A Catchy Name

After you determine the best legal structure for your window cleaning startup, come up with a catchy name for your company. Research your potential competitors, looking into both local window washing companies and large franchises. Consider the words that they chose to include in their business names. You do not want to register a name that is too close to your competitors’ names. When companies do, they often deal with confused consumers. At the same time, you need to identify words that lead companies to success. Keep your name simple, unique and specific to your company. Do not name your window cleaning business off of something completely irrelevant. This, too, will cause customer confusion. Take your time deciding on the perfect name before starting a window cleaning business.

Get Necessary Coverage

To start a window cleaning business, you need to get necessary business insurance coverage as well. Contact multiple insurance companies and inquire about their business policies. You might be tempted to choose the cheapest policy in hopes of sticking to your budget. Refrain from giving in to this temptation. Entrepreneurs who opt for the cheapest option instead of the best option end up paying more in the future. If a legal issue occurs and you do not have the insurance to cover it, your fees could cost the company tremendously. Avoid creating a negative financial situation for yourself by getting the coverage you need to start a window cleaning business.

Obtain Enough Funding

Additionally, you should obtain enough funding to grow your window cleaning business. Take all of the necessary factors into account. You need to acquire enough capital to pay for vehicles, basic equipment and cleaning supplies. These costly factors come with extra payments as well. For instance, you need to pay for gas so that you can drive your vehicle to all of your customers’ locations. You also need to have enough finances to setup payroll and pay employees. Keep these payments in mind when you sit down to set a budget for yourself. Avoid beginning the startup process until you have enough funding to start a window cleaning business properly.

Create A Marketing Strategy

Lastly, create a marketing strategy to advertise your window washing services. First, conduct market research to understand who your competition is. Then, research your target audience. Find out what they look for in a company and discover the best ways to reach them. Consider the different marketing channels available. If your target audience spends most of their time on social media and your competitors engage with consumers on platforms like Instagram, include social media marketing in your strategy. Then, you can beat out your competition and start your window cleaning business on the right foot.

If you want to enter the window washing or commercial building maintenance industry, you need to follow specific steps. Firstly, choose a legal structure before conducting any business. Then, come up with a catchy name that will not cause any consumers confusion. Calculate how much it will cost you to grow your company and obtain the necessary funding. Get the liability coverage you need even if the initial cost might be slightly higher. Finally, create a marketing strategy based on your competitors and your target audience. Follow these steps to start a successful window cleaning business.

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