Tips To Start A Spa Business For Consumers Focused On Wellness


With consumers focusing on wellness to support good health and overall quality of life, opening a spa business might just be a very profitable venture. The spa industry has experienced steady growth for the past few years and is looking bright in the future. The spa franchise market is particularly exciting for people who would like to start out in the industry and diversify their franchise investments. Read on to see if a spa business would be a great option for you to minimize risks and also ensure good profits.

Spa Business Market

For any potential franchisee to work well, it is important to study the industry of the business. As a spa franchise owner, it is obviously great news for you that the industry is experiencing growth. The spa and wellness industry is presently a $16 billion market with an estimated annual growth rate of 2.7%. The scope of the industry has also expanded as companies increase their range of products and services to satisfy customer demands. Current spa franchise owners are particularly hopeful about the innovative anti-ageing services, as the population continues to grow older. Considering the spa market size, growth and product expansion, you might be very interested in buying a spa franchise. Just be sure to consult your decision support system before you take the plunge.

Types Of Spa Services

You want to be sure you consider the type of spa services you will offer at your business. Many spas choose to specialize in certain services. This often helps to establish credibility to new businesses. Consider which skin and body care spa services you will want to provide. Or, you may choose to provide makeup services and hair removal services or some combination of several of these. Make sure you consider what your spa business will specialize in, as this can impact your target demographic, location choice and more.

Opening A Spa Franchise

As you think about starting a spa franchise, you must first decide what kind of operation will work best for you. The huge industry potential would only be realized if you partner with the right franchise company. Since industry has quite a few companies, you would want to consider some of the strong brands who have proven track records before you go searching for small business loans prematurely. Here are a couple spa franchise companies that offer fantastic business opportunities.

Massage Envy

Massage Envy is one of the largest brands in the spa and wellness industry. Operating many spa franchise locations, Massage Envy has garnered a solid customer base over the years. Most importantly, the franchise company is known for its timeless and affordable services. Investing in a Massage Envy spa franchise, you can assure yourself of a business model that drives customer satisfaction. To ensure your success, the company provides its franchisee owners with extensive training and support. Additionally, Massage Envy assists with the professionally designed marketing materials to ensure excellent market reach for your business. For the proven products, services, operations and marketing, Massage Envy makes an attractive option to open a spa franchise.


Spavia is another spa franchise company, offering affordable services and products to its customers. The Spavia franchise company works tirelessly to provide you with best in the business support system for your spa franchisee to work well. Moreover, they provide online tools to keep you updated with new business plans and market trends. With its host of services and support, Spavia is another good consideration for starting a spa franchise business.

Spa Business Requirements

The key to running a successful Spa operation is quality service. The industry services clients at all hours and requires the location to be open on holidays and weekends. After all, most people want to be relaxed when they are off from work. However, this will require you to run the business nearly 7 days per week. The time commitment can be a large one, especially when starting the spa business and building up the initial client base.

Certainly, these sure are exciting times for the spa industry overall. With quite a number of spa companies offering franchise options, you can get a head start with a proven business model, training support and market outreach. Once you decide which spa franchise company works best for you, starting the business will be much closer to reality than you might think. Then, you can worry about content marketing to help you find customers for your new business.

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